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Table of Contents

  1. Newsletter (University of Texas at Austin. Department of Geological Sciences) ; no. 43, 1993
    1. Letter from the Chairman

    2. Faculty & Staff

    3. Faculty & Research Staff

    4. Technical Staff

    5. Administrative Staff

    6. Faculty Personal Notes

    7. Endowed Lecturers

    8. Visiting Speakers

    9. Outreach Program

    10. Notes from Our Retired Faculty

    11. Amos Salvador Retires after thirteen years

    12. Research Interests

    13. Milo M. Backus

    14. Jay Banner

    15. Daniel S. Barker

    16. Philip C. Bennett

    17. Richard T.Buffler

    18. William D. Carlson

    19. Mark Cloos

    20. Ian W. D. Dalziel

    21. William L. Fisher

    22. William E. Galloway

    23. Brenda Kirkland George

    24. Steven P. Grand

    25. Gary Kocurek

    26. Michelle Kominz

    27. Richard Kyle

    28. Martin B. Lagoe

    29. Lynton Land

    30. Leon E. Long

    31. Ernest L. Lundelius, Jr.

    32. Earle F. McBride

    33. Sharon Mosher

    34. Tim Rowe

    35. John M. (Jack) Sharp

    36. Doug Smith

    37. James Sprinkle

    38. Paul L. Stoffa

    39. Willem C. J. van Rensburg

    40. Clark R. Wilson

    41. Research Staff

    42. Publications

    43. Book Chapters

    44. Journal Articles

    45. Abstracts

    46. Bureau of Economic Geology

    47. Institute for Geophysics

    48. Vertebrate Paleontology & Radiocarbon Lab

    49. Walter Geology Library

    50. Student Activities

    51. GSEC Officers

    52. GSEC Annual Report

    53. Hydrology on the Move

    54. USGS Officers

    55. Discover Magazine Recognizes Franz Hiebert

    56. Film Wins "Emmy"

    57. Research Assistants

    58. Teaching Assistants

    59. Assistant Instructors

    60. Geo 660

    61. Big Bend Perspectives

    62. Scholarships

    63. Undergraduate

    64. Graduate

    65. AIN

    66. Degrees

    67. Undergraduate

    68. Graduate

    69. Tales of the R.V. Nathaniel B. Palmer

    70. Student Speakers

    71. Placement

    72. Geology Foundation News

    73. 40 Years of Building for the Future

    74. Geology Advisory Council Membership, 1956-1993

    75. New Endowments

    76. Advisory Council News

    77. Peter Flawn Receives College of Natural Sciences Hall of Honor Award

    78. Gifts

    79. Individuals

    80. Industrial and Society Contributors

    81. Donors of Books and Materials to the Walter Geology Library

    82. Geology Foundation Endowed Accounts

    83. Advisory Council Members, 1993

    84. Chairman

    85. Vice-Chairman

    86. Members

    87. Honorary Life Members

    88. Memorials

    89. Notes from our Alumni

    90. AVEUT Created

    91. A Chance to share your recollections

    92. Credits

    93. Some Reflections

  2. Illustrations
    1. An early morning mist envelops the quiet woods on Shikoku, Japan Puncak Jaya, Irian Jaya, highest point in Asia Phonolite intrusion, Middle Black Hill, northeast of Big Bend, Texas Eolian Islands off Sicily, seen from Vulcano Front cover

    2. Untitled

    3. Terry Engelder

    4. Raul Mossman

    5. Untitled

    6. Untitled

    7. Untitled

    8. Untitled

    9. Untitled

    10. Untitled

    11. Untitled

    12. Untitled

    13. Untitled

    14. Untitled

    15. Untitled

    16. Untitled

    17. Untitled

    18. Untitled

    19. Untitled

    20. Untitled

    21. Untitled

    22. Untitled

    23. Untitled

    24. Untitled

    25. Untitled

    26. Untitled

    27. Untitled

    28. Untitled

    29. Untitled

    30. Untitled

    31. Untitled

    32. Tyrannosaurus hand

    33. Tyrannosaurus foot

    34. Colby Drechsel takes a dive in Discovery Bay, Jamaica

    35. Untitled

    36. Geology for Engineers Lab students Neil Sheffield and Mike Matola interpret an aerial photograph

    37. Students visit a factory in Llano, Texas, where granite gravemarkers are made

    38. Large ejected "bomb" near the active crater of Rincon de la Vieja volcano, Costa Rica

    39. Jim Rougvie at north end of main dome, Enchanted Rock State Park, Texas

    40. Brad Wolaver in the lab aboard the RVIB Nathaniel B. Palmer south of the Antarctic circle

    41. PhD candidate John Merck meets Alamosaurus

    42. Students in elementary field geology visit a cave

    43. Mark Gordon at Early Eocene outcrop in Cuba

    44. Untitled

    45. AIH winners Carolyn Cooper, Pete Rung, Chock Bailey and Jason Bontrager

    46. Styx & Stones

    47. Untitled

    48. Untitled

    49. Untitled

    50. Graduate student Dan Barker in front of Eastern Black Hill

    51. Geo 383N class enjoys a trip to White Sands, New Mexico

    52. Andrew Quarles examines turret of a Japanese WWII tank on Guadalcanal

    53. Tim Rowe and students search for bone fragments in Big Bend National Park

    54. Carbonate geochemistry can be fun! Troy Rasbury and Pensionato Sconosciuto in Viterbo hot springs

    55. Tim McMahon overlooking mountains in Irian Jaya

    56. Jeff Chen at the continu- ▲ ously active volcano, Yasur, on the island of Tanna in Vanuatu

    57. Ellenburger Limestone at Pfluger Ranch near London, Texas

    58. Untitled

    59. 660 fieldcampers rafting on the Animas River in Durango, Colorado

    60. Measuring section of 660, Durango, Colorado

    61. "Girls, Girls, Girls!" Mirage at White Sands, NM

    62. Gravelly Range, Montana

    63. A watchful sentry stands guard at the entrance to a wooden Buddhist shrine on Yokokureyama

    64. Metasedimentary clast eroded from the Sambagawa belt in Late Cretaceous marine sediments of the Shimanto belt, along the beach, Kochi Prefecture, Shikoku

    65. Lenticular sandstones encased in mud-matrix melange in the Shimanto belt at Cape Oyama, Shikoku

    66. Paula Noble pauses near the Temple on Yokokureyama

    67. Entrance to shrine at Yokokureyama

    68. Sailor's graveyard along the southern coast of Shikiku

    69. Ginkaku-Ji Temple, Kyoto

    70. Pillow basalts exposed on the Muroto Peninsula, Shikoku

    71. Untitled

    72. Tom Williams with dredge full of Bransfield Strait Basalt

    73. Base Marsh, the primary Chilean Antarctic Base, on King George Island

    74. The workboat, "The Cancun Cruncher," maneuvering to untangle the Palmer's anchors caught on a cable on the bottom of the bay

    75. A view from the catwalk on the Nathaniel B. Palmer's bridge, looking to the stern

    76. Untitled

    77. Miniature "mud volcano" at Las Pailas, Costa Rica

    78. Colby Drechsel hanging out in Teton National Park, WY

    79. 320 L at Blount Mountain

    80. 320 L at Krause Springs

    81. Students and teachers of Geology 320 L at the Pfluger Ranch near London, Texas

    82. View of an almost completed Geology Building

    83. View of construction of the current Geology Building from the southwest corner

    84. Secretary of Interior Stewart Udall speaks at the dedication of the Geology Building, November 1967

    85. Untitled

    86. Chancellor Harry Ransom speaks at an Advisory Council meeting in 1966

    87. UT President Robert M. Berdahl presents endowed presidential scholarship plaque to the Marshalls

    88. Richard M. Coffelt

    89. Peter T. Flawn

    90. Fred Earl Ingerson, Sr.

    91. Leonard F. McCollum

    92. Geology 310 class in Marble Falls, 1948

    93. Alvin Candela at his daughter Carolyn's wedding, 1990

    94. John and Alyson Headle Cooper

    95. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Covington on a cruise on the Mississippi Queen several years ago

    96. Geology 660 in New Mexico, 1989

    97. Chuck Caughey at site of Beta-1 discovery in northern Sumatra

    98. Sigma Gamma Epsilon Honorary Geology Fraternity, spring, 1937

    99. John E. Johnston III and his Great Pyrenees, Mindy Bear

    100. Untitled

    101. Dick McGehee at the dugout, 96 Camp, Rim Rock country, West Texas, in early January, 1962

    102. October, 1992 reunion of the 1980 GEO 660 Taos/Durango group

    103. Evelyn Wilie Moody on a field trip near Austin in 1939 or 1940

    104. Bill Sharp and co-workers mapping a major anticline on the northwest flank of the Venezuela Andes in September 1955

    105. 1988 GEO 660 group at Rattlesnake Gulch, North Central New Mexico

    106. Untitled

    107. Professors Bill Sill and Leon Long on GEO 660 at Mesa Verde Indian Ruins, Southern Colorado, 1988

    108. Dr. Fred Bullard, on a field trip with Economic Geology 338 class, examines "tin" deposits at the Llano city dump, 1938

    109. AVEUT Inaugural, Caracas, March 13, 1993

    110. Untitled

    111. Untitled

    112. Outcrop from Big Bend, Texas

    113. Back cover Aerial photograph of Ertsberg, Irian Jaya, open pit, 1989

    114. Images from CD "Thrinaxodon: Digital Atlas of the Skull"