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Table of Contents

  1. Newsletter (University of Texas at Austin. Department of Geological Sciences) ; no. 38, 1988
    1. Geology: The First Century at UT Austin

    2. Early Years — 1888 to 1933

    3. Expansion from 1933 to 1967

    4. 1967 to the Present

    5. Faculty of the Department of Geological Sciences

    6. Professors

    7. Adjunct Professor

    8. Associate Professors

    9. Assistant Professors

    10. Research Scientists

    11. Research Associate

    12. Senior Lecturer

    13. Lecturers

    14. Professors Emeriti

    15. Faculty News

    16. News Briefs

    17. Chairman's Report

    18. Faculty Publications

    19. Department of Geological Sciences Staff

    20. Staff Honors and Awards

    21. Memorial to John Thorne

    22. Bureau Of Economic Geology

    23. Vertebrate Paleontology Laboratory

    24. Endowed Lectureship Program Promotes Exchange of Ideas

    25. Visiting Speakers

    26. Field Camp

    27. Geology 660 Field Camp — 1988

    28. 1938 and 1988

    29. Student Training Cruise Program

    30. Institute for Geophysics

    31. Portrait of a Young Oil Pig

    32. Student News

    33. AAPG Student Chapter

    34. University Student Geological Society

    35. GSEC

    36. Graduate Students Honor Ray Woods

    37. Research Assistants

    38. 1988 Petrography Contest

    39. Teaching Assistants

    40. Student Speakers

    41. Best Speaker Awards

    42. I ill __-__ S _____ .....

    43. Graduate Scholarships and Fellowships

    44. Minority Students: Recruitment and Retention

    45. Undergraduate Degrees

    46. Graduate degrees

    47. Equipment Report

    48. Walter Geology Library

    49. Travels With Gary

    50. New Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometer Installed

    51. Land Named to Allday Chair

    52. Foundation News

    53. Advisory Council Membership Changes

    54. Report of Council Activities

    55. Geology Foundation Advisory Council

    56. Honorary Life Members

    57. Gifts to the Geology Foundation

    58. Contributors to the Geology Foundation

    59. Industrial and Society Contributors to the Foundation

    60. Donors of Books and Special Items to the Department of Geological Sciences

    61. [Beo^y Foundation Endowment Accour.

    62. New Endowment Targets Structural Geology and Tectonics

    63. First H. Tod Sutherland Scholarship Awarded

    64. In Memoriam

    65. Alumni News

    66. The 1987 Alumni Survey

    67. A Final Note

  2. Illustrations
    1. Cover designed and photographed by David Stephens

    2. Untitled

    3. The Old Main Building, about 1901

    4. Untitled

    5. The Geology Building built during the chairmanship of Fred Bullard, occupied from 1933 to 1967

    6. Number of Geology Faculty, 1910-1988

    7. The present Geology Building, occupied since 1967

    8. Number of Geology Graduate and Undergraduate Degrees, 1910-1986

    9. Dan Barker and Victoria Kononova on board the research vessel Akademik Boris Petrov, January, 1988

    10. Bill Carlson, three-time Knebel Award winner

    11. Mark Helper and Sharon Mosher conduct field work in Italy with Bob Folk

    12. Bill Galloway poses with Doug Hamilton and associates on the Sydney Basin Project

    13. Department Faculty, fall, 1963

    14. Bottom of turbidite sandstone with cast of burrows (Paleodictyon sp.) that have a hexagonal pattern

    15. Amos Salvador

    16. Sally Sutton

    17. Department Staff

    18. John Thorne

    19. Jack Wilson with old orange Jeep in the Basin, Big Bend National Park, 1963

    20. The Lab's old Chevrolet pickup, soon to be replaced

    21. Mr. and Mrs. Don Boyd with Dr. Rufus LeBlanc, first Boyd Lecturer

    22. Dr. Clive Lister, Oualline Lecturer in Geological Sciences

    23. Dr. Kathy Sullivan, NASA Astronaut

    24. Dr. Stan Davis with Fall Technical Sessions Chairman Julianne Mahler

    25. Dr. Tom Wolery, Oualline Lecturer in Geological Sciences

    26. Geology 60 summer camp in Brady, field trip to Oklahoma unknown.

    27. Upper right: Ricky Nelson and Jim Ward show their skill on the dunes at White Sands National Monument

    28. Geology 660 group studies outcrop near Alamagordo, New Mexico

    29. Fred Wallis, Wayne Ashmore and Spurgeon Conway jump into a creek to "save" a doe

    30. Dr. Bullard dishing out hand-cranked ice cream

    31. 1938 fieldmapping crew Untitled

    32. Wheels, 1938 style

    33. Lower right; Most of the 1988 group pose by vehicle at White Sands National Monument

    34. R/V Fred H. Moore 1987 Pacific Cruise

    35. Untitled

    36. Untitled

    37. Ray Woods displays plaque given to him by graduate students

    38. Petrography award winners

    39. Dr. John Wood of Texaco, Inc., tours clean lab with Harris Cander, Texaco Fellow for 1987-88, and Dr. Lynton Land

    40. Michael Starcher receives Houston Geological Society Scholarship check from Chairman Bill Fisher

    41. Untitled

    42. A typical scene from a Kocurek field trip

    43. Nick Walker explores the capabilities of the new mass spectrometer

    44. Larry M. Asbury

    45. Thomas E. Fanning

    46. Vance M. Lynch

    47. Eddie A. Williamson

    48. Judd Oualline displays the plaque he received from the Advisory Council in recognition of his service as Council Chairman, 1985-87

    49. Amos Salvador visits with Edd Turner and Dr. Peter T. Flawn

    50. Chairman Bill Fisher receives a scholarship check from Ms. Julia Downey on behalf of Marathon Oil Foundation

    51. Gretchen Gillis, Ray Thomasson and Mike Guest of Mobil

    52. Christoph in field area, Dominican Republic

    53. Holland C. McCarver

    54. David N. Purgason

    55. William M. Rust, Jr.

    56. Arthur J. Wessely

    57. 1940 Geology Summer Field Camp at Brady, Texas

    58. A cold field trip in 1942, led by Bill Bramlette, Instructor

    59. 1946 summer field camp, Ft. Davis, led by Dr.Gus Eifler and Gordon McNutt

    60. The Water Hole, 1949 Geo. 660 field camp

    61. May Defandorf Dasch and Marriott Wieckhoff Smart at a "holler" at Connie Clark's ranch near Dripping Springs, Dec. 9, 1956

    62. North Texas Field Trip, 1969

    63. The "Fried Pi's," UTGS Banquet, April, 1957

    64. Participants in the 1949 Geology 660 field course take a well-deserved break

    65. 1946 Summer Field Trip, Chisos Mountains—back end of the International truck

    66. 1982 Geo. 660 field camp, section taught by Bill Carlson and Mark Cloos

    67. Joy and Bill Payne at Department Open House, November, 1987

    68. Department Open House, November, 1987

    69. 1946 summer field camp

    70. 1946 summer field camp: Stop between Alpine and Terlingua

    71. Louita Dodson Wilson visited the Department in the spring to view the exhibit featuring two intaglio rings she recently donated to the Department

    72. Homer C. Wilson with skin of rattlesnake found at fossil site in Brady Mountains, UT Geology Summer Field Camp, 1942

    73. 1946 summer field camp: Road in Big Bend

    74. Untitled