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Table of Contents

  1. Newsletter (University of Texas at Austin. Department of Geological Sciences) ; no. 37, 1987
    1. Department News

    2. Chairman's Report

    3. Institute For Geophysics

    4. Bureau of Economic Geology

    5. Vertebrate Paleontology Laboratory

    6. Wann Langston Retires

    7. Faculty and Staff

    8. Professors

    9. Adjunct Professors

    10. Associate Professors

    11. Assistant Professors

    12. Research Scientists

    13. Senior Lecturer

    14. Lecturers

    15. Professors Emeriti

    16. Classified Staff

    17. Faculty News Briefs

    18. Faculty Publications

    19. Department Conducts Minority Recruitment Program

    20. Geo 660 Gets New Look

    21. Visiting Speakers Academic Year 1986-87

    22. First Oliver Lecture

    23. Hydrogeology Seminar Series

    24. Courses Offered in Spring, 1987 and Fall, 1987

    25. Undergraduate

    26. Graduate

    27. A Salute to Ronald DeFord

    28. Technical Sessions and the Ronald K. DeFord Volume

    29. Graduate Student Alums — Alert!

    30. Student News

    31. University Student Geological Society

    32. Student Chapter AAPG

    33. GSEC Rides Again

    34. Student Speakers

    35. Teaching Assistants

    36. Research Assistants

    37. Petrography Contest

    38. Undergraduate Scholarships

    39. Graduate Scholarships and Fellowships

    40. Undergraduate Degrees

    41. Graduate Degrees in Geology

    42. Department Constructs "Clean Lab" for Isotopic Investigations

    43. Tino: The Minor Miracle of Don Antonio, Naval Chaplain of Varignano, or, One Vicissitude of Field Work in Italy

    44. Walter Geology Library Report

    45. Equipment Update

    46. Geology Foundation Advisory Council

    47. Honorary Life Members

    48. Gipson Candidate for AAPG President

    49. Advisory Council Membership Changes

    50. New Endowments in the Geology Foundation

    51. Role of the Geology Foundation

    52. Geology Foundation Endowment Accounts

    53. Alumni Events

    54. Gifts to the Geology Foundation

    55. Contributors to the Geology Foundation

    56. Donors of Books and Special Items to the Department of Geological Sciences

    57. Industrial and Society Contributors to the Foundation

    58. GeoTrivia

    59. Local Customs of the Geologic Past: S.G.E.

    60. An Unbiased Report of the Muehlberger-Folk Moon Debate

    61. About Our Alumni Questionnaire

    62. In Memoriam

    63. Alumni News

    64. Second "Class of '47" Reunion

    65. We Need Your Help

  2. Illustrations
    1. Cover Photograph: Redbeds in the fluvial facies of the Triassic Chinle Formation, north central New Mexico

    2. Chairman Bill Fisher accepts contribution for Department from Paul Tennet of Standard Oil Production Company

    3. R/V Fred H. Moore leaves Galveston in March 1987 for an extended voyage to Costa Rica and the far west Pacific

    4. Robert Andrews of DOSECC headquarters in Washington speaks at the opening meeting of the Project GUIDE conference

    5. Victoria Eddins discusses federal legislation affecting Project GUIDE with Ed Bingler, Deputy Director of the Bureau

    6. Robert Terrell talks with Gerhard Fonken and William L. Fisher at Project GUIDE meeting

    7. Bob Rainey and Ernie Lundelius examine a skeleton of the Permian amphibian Eryops

    8. Wann and Marietta pose with plaque given to Wann by the Department in appreciation for his years of service

    9. Wann receives retiree's key to VP Lab

    10. Wann discusses the pitfalls involved in the VP consulting business

    11. Ernie Lundelius gives Wann a new bolo tie for his collection

    12. Rudy Melchior

    13. Virgil Barnes

    14. Bill Galloway

    15. Mark Helper

    16. Earle McBride uses new cathodoluminoscope for petrographic studies

    17. Timothy Rowe

    18. Doug Smith

    19. Clark Wilson

    20. Students at GEO 660 Field Camp measure section

    21. Fred Oliver and Frank Schwartz visit with students after first lecture

    22. Field trip to San Carlos and Rim Rock Country in 1977

    23. Chihuahua, Mexico, 1965

    24. Hugh Hay-Roe and Ronald reminisce at Ronald's 85th birthday celebration

    25. Dr. and Mrs. George Fancher congratulate Ronald at his birthday party

    26. Ronald holds plaque presented by Keith Young on behalf of the Department in appreciation of his many years of service supervising GEO 193, Tech Sessions

    27. Ronald at the time of his graduation from Colorado School of Mines, 1922

    28. Portrait of Ronald taken in 1970 for the Hall of Fame, Petroleum Museum, Permian Basin in Midland

    29. Ronald at age 35, 1937

    30. Fred McDowell presents leather-bound volume of Tech Sessions abstracts to RKD

    31. Ronald as senior at Colorado School of Mines, 1921

    32. Dr. Jack Sharp congratulates Tonia Clement for winning second place in the 1987 GSA Student Paper Award from South-Central Section

    33. Students from USGS and AAPG assist with Department alumni mailing

    34. Frisbee Team

    35. Track Team

    36. Ben Davis and Karen Carter examine petrographic specimens they identified to win the Petrography Contest

    37. Undergraduate student Michael Starcher receives Houston Geological Society Merrill Haas Scholarship from Dr. Mark Cloos

    38. Graduate student Larry Mack conducts Rb/Sr isotopic analyses on a mass spectrometer.

    39. Nick Walker conducts U/Pb isotopic dating in clean lab

    40. Bob Folk with Eura and Mauro, Portovenere grocers

    41. Karen Carter, Don Antonio, and James Miller are flanked by three Italian naval personnel

    42. Dennis Trombatore, Geology Librarian, presents University Excellence Award to serials and binding clerk, Elizabeth Korves

    43. One of six display cases prepared for exhibit in lobby of UT's Main Building

    44. Wendy Macpherson and Karl Hoops monitor operation of the ICP

    45. SGE Spring Picnic, March, 1956: Crew race

    46. SGE Spring Picnic, March, 1956: Gordon Adams kills crew-cups

    47. SGE Spring Picnic, March, 1956: John Dietrich and Pete Roux.

    48. SGE Spring Picnic, March, 1956

    49. John Paul Brand

    50. Harlan Tod Suthuerland June 14,1963 – July 31,1987

    51. Department Party, December 9, 1957

    52. Girl Meets Prince

    53. Ray A. Burke

    54. Arthur S. Cramer

    55. Summer Field Camp, 1977, Taos, New Mexico

    56. Donald W. Frye

    57. Geology Attic, December, 1956

    58. The Kingston Trio?? UTGS Banquet, April, 1957

    59. May, 1966 Field Trip, Al Scott's Coastal Processes

    60. Spring, 1941 Sigma Gamma Epsilon initiates, Bull Creek

    61. James B. Zimmerman

    62. Second "Class of '47" Reunion