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Table of Contents

  1. Newsletter (University of Texas at Austin. Department of Geological Sciences) ; no. 32, 1983
    1. Geology Begins at UT

    2. Introduction

    3. R. T. Hill — The First Year

    4. F. W. Simonds' Long Tenure

    5. Students — Early On

    6. Additions to the Faculty

    7. References

    8. Boom & Bust

    9. Alumni Gatherings

    10. Fourth Annual Open House

    11. Department News

    12. Bart Retires

    13. Other Faculty Changes

    14. Junior Budget Council Revived

    15. Faculty Appointed To Endowed Positions

    16. Faculty and Staff

    17. Professors

    18. Adjunct Professors

    19. Associate Professors

    20. Assistant Professors

    21. Lecturers

    22. Professors Emeriti

    23. Librarian

    24. Technical Staff

    25. Administraive and Secretarial Staff

    26. Faculty Activities

    27. Visiting Speakers

    28. Student Awardees

    29. Student Geological Society

    30. Sohio Sponsors Ouachita Trip

    31. Geophysics at U.T.

    32. Developments in Geophysics

    33. U.T. Geophysical Society

    34. Geophysics Seminars

    35. Institute for Geophycics News

    36. Leslie Bowling Professors

    37. Geology Foundation News

    38. Summary of Activities

    39. New Council Members

    40. Gulf Oil Foundation Centennial Professorship in Geology

    41. Michael Bruce Duchin Centennial Memorial Presidential Scholarship

    42. Geology Foundation Advisory Council Effective September, 1983

    43. Honorary Life Members

    44. Joyce Bowman Payne Centennial Teaching Fellowship

    45. Flawn Professorship Established

    46. Gifts to the Geology Foundation

    47. Contributors to the Geology Foundation

    48. Industrial and Society Contributors to the Foundation

    49. Donors of Books and Special Items to the Department of Geological Sciences

    50. Geology Foundation Endowed Accounts

    51. Judd H. & Cynthia S. Oualline Lectureship in Petroleum Geology

    52. Company Matching Programs Boost Personal Gifts

    53. Student Support

    54. Graduate Scholarships

    55. Undergraduate Scholarships

    56. Teaching Assistants

    57. Assistant Instructors

    58. Research Assistants

    59. Enrollment and Degrees

    60. Department of Geological Sciences 1982-83 Academic Year

    61. Graduate Degrees in Geology Conferred by the University of Texas at Austin 1982-83

    62. Undergraduate Degrees

    63. Bureau of Economic Geology

    64. In Memoriam

    65. Alvin L. Frericks

    66. James W. Howard

    67. E. E. (Bill) Hurt

    68. Joyce Bowman Payne

    69. Dale H. Rowden

    70. John Teagle, II

    71. Faculty Publications

    72. Campus Map

    73. Alumni News

    74. Quiz Key

    75. We Need Your Help

  2. Illustrations
    1. Untitled

    2. GCAGS luncheon

    3. Bob Boyer presents plaque to Birdena Schroeder in recognition of her years of service

    4. AAPG breakfast

    5. Award winners Bill Agee, Mark Cloos, Wayne Pennington, Lynton Land, Don Miser

    6. 1. Which direction is this feature located relative to the Main Building?

    7. 2. Who was the sculptor and what building have the "book burners" apparently torched?

    8. Open house: Sam Ellison, Edd Turner, and Ben Carsey, all Advisory Council Honorary Life Members

    9. Open House: Tom Davies, Eric Rosenkrantz, and Milo Backus discuss three-dimensional display of multichannel seismic lines from Gulf of Mexico exhibited by the Institute

    10. Bart and Jane Bartholomew suffer through a few words of testimony at the reception in their honor

    11. Bart and Jane examine a copy of the book Bartholomew and the Oobleck presented to them for leisurely reading.

    12. 3. A prominent feature at which end of the stadium?

    13. 4. Decoration on which building?

    14. Sharon Mosher

    15. Leon E. Long

    16. William R. Muehlberger

    17. 5. Name this big man of early Texas politics.

    18. 6. A new addition to which school?

    19. Fred Bullard

    20. 7. Name of the building and department it houses?

    21. 8. Name of building at the 24th Street campus entrance?

    22. 9. What are these kids looking at?

    23. Gary Kocurek

    24. 10. Name of this site of athletic events and chaotic course registrations?

    25. 11. Name of one of the newest complexes on campus?

    26. Amos Salvador

    27. 12. Location of this restoration project?

    28. 13. Location of this statue

    29. I4. A major tourist attraction

    30. During a mid-day rain, refuge for lunch was sought on the porch of an old, abandoned farmhouse in Oklahoma

    31. Students and faculty used fishing boats to gain access to exposures of the Blaylock Formation to examine complex foldbelts in the core of the Ouachitas

    32. 15. A building across the street from "The Varsity Cafeteria"

    33. 16. This statue sits below what building?

    34. Student Training Cruise aboard the R/V Fred H. Moore in May

    35. Members of the ocean bottom seismometer group stand by while the Fred H. Moore is maneuvered within recovery range

    36. 17. Entrance to a recently restored older building

    37. 18. The "other" confederate general

    38. Bill Galloway, Bowling Professor, Fall 1982

    39. Pete Rose, Bowling Professor, Spring 1983

    40. Don Boyd, outgoing Chairman of the Advisory Council

    41. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Walter, Jr., stand with Mrs. Shirley Bird Perry and Dr. Earle McBride at the entrance to newlydedicated library

    42. Charles J. Hooper

    43. D. Gale Reese

    44. Charles E. Yager, Honorary Life Member

    45. Joyce Bowman Payne

    46. Peter T. Flawn

    47. Geographic distribution of 47 major Texas oil plays

    48. Fresh-water marsh system on Padre Island

    49. 19. Name and age of the fossiliferous building stone

    50. 20. Remember the phrase located on the south side of the Main Building?

    51. 21. Location of this "paleontologic sample"

    52. Campus Map

    53. Ernst H. Kastning explores the lowest levels of Mammoth Cave, Kentucky with the Cave Research Foundation

    54. Paleontology field trip with Dr. Whitney, 1942

    55. Untitled