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Table of Contents

  1. Newsletter (University of Texas at Austin. Department of Geological Sciences) ; no. 31, 1982
    1. AAPG Breakfast in Calgary

    2. SEG Breakfast

    3. GCAGS Luncheon

    4. Third Annual Open House & Bar-B-Que

    5. Professors Emeriti

    6. Faculty Appointed To Endowed Positions

    7. Milo Backus—First Dave P. Carlton Centennial Professor in Geophysics

    8. Dan Barker—Fred M. Bullard Professor

    9. Bob Boyer—First Robert E. Boyer Centennial Professor

    10. Bill Fisher—First Morgan J. Davis Centennial Professor in Petroleum Geology

    11. Bob Folk—First Dave P. Carlton Centennial Professor in Geology

    12. Lynton Land—J. Nalle Gregory Professor In Sedimentary Geology

    13. Earle McBride—First Wilton E. Scott Professor in Geology

    14. Bill Muehlberger—First Appointee to the Second Mr. & Mrs. C.E. Yager Professorship

    15. Al Scott—First Appointee to the First Mr. & Mrs. C. E. Yager Professorship

    16. Keith Young—First Appointee to the Third Mr. & Mrs. C. E. Yager Professorship

    17. Geology Library Named

    18. Department News

    19. Faculty Changes

    20. Staff Changes

    21. Birdena Schroeder Resigns

    22. FacultY and Staff

    23. Professors

    24. Adjunct Professors

    25. Emeritus Professors

    26. Associate Professors

    27. Adjunct Associate Professors

    28. Assistant Professors

    29. Lecturers

    30. Librarian

    31. Technical Staff

    32. Administrative and Secretarial Staff

    33. Faculty Activities

    34. Student and Faculty Awards

    35. Undergraduate Students

    36. Petrography Awards

    37. Graduate Students

    38. Faculty

    39. Visiting Speakers

    40. Geophysics Seminars

    41. University Student Geological Society

    42. The University of Texas Geophysical Society

    43. Bowling Distinguished Visiting Professors Mike Horn and Bill Galloway

    44. Geology Foundation News

    45. Summary of Activities

    46. New Advisory Council Members

    47. Turner and Walter Elected to Honorary Life Membership

    48. Geology Foundation Advisory Council Effective September 1, 1982

    49. Honorary Life Members

    50. Gifts to the Geology Foundation

    51. Contributors to the Geology Foundation July 1, 1981-May 31,1982

    52. Industrial and Society Contributors to the Foundation and to Scholarships and Fellowships July 1, 1981-June 30, 1982

    53. Donors of Books and Special Items to the Department of Geological Sciences July 1, 1981-June 30, 1982

    54. New Endowments

    55. Robert E. Boyer Centennial Professorship in Geology

    56. Dave P. Carlton Centennial Professorships in Geology and Geophysics

    57. Morgan J. Davis Centennial Professorship In Petroleum Geology

    58. John E. (Brick) Elliott Centennial Professorship in Geological Sciences

    59. Getty Oil Company Centennial Chair In Geological Sciences

    60. Fred E. and Nora V. Haas Endowed Presidential Scholarship

    61. Wann and Marietta Langston Research Fund In Vertebrate Paleontology

    62. Wilton E. Scott Centennial Professorship

    63. F. W. Simonds Endowed Presidential Scholarship

    64. William T. Stokes Centennial Faculty Fellowship

    65. Undergraduate Scholarships

    66. Graduate Scholarships

    67. Geology Foundation Endowment Accounts (July 1, 1981-May 31, 1982)

    68. Centennial Teachers and Scholars Program

    69. Enrollment and Degrees

    70. Department of Geological Sciences 1981-82 Academic Year

    71. Undergraduate Degrees Granted

    72. Graduate Degrees Granted

    73. Teaching Assistants

    74. AI's

    75. Departmental R.A.'s

    76. Bureau of Economic Geology News

    77. Energy Related Research

    78. Other Bureau Research

    79. Institute for Geophysics—An Update

    80. Geology Students Participate In College Bowl

    81. Recollections of GEO 660 in The Marathon Basin

    82. In Memoriam

    83. Edwin Allday

    84. Millard B. Arick

    85. Esther S. Cuyler

    86. Sam Jarvis Giddens

    87. Walter Robert Leeper

    88. William D. Long

    89. Wallace E. Pratt

    90. Wendell J. Stewart

    91. Faculty Publications

    92. Alumni News

    93. We Need Your Help

  2. Illustrations
    1. Cover Picture Boxwork weathering of a calcarenite bed in the Gaptank Formation, Marathon Basin, Texas

    2. Betty Games, Doy Zachry, Don Reaser, Pete Laux, Barbara & Pat Bolden, Ted Stanzel, Jim Richards, Dan Smith

    3. Fred Oliver, Buzz Fauntleroy, Scotty Holland, Ed Sneed, Charles Weiner, Tim Denison, Ross Shipman, Helen & Tom Curlee.

    4. Muriel & Mike Plamondon, Ron Nordquist, Win Goter, Chuck Caughey, Marietta & Warm Langston, Gene McGill, Ted & Bettie McFarlan

    5. Birdena & Clarence Schroeder, Will Green, Dwight Cassell, Leslie White, Jim & Kathryn Bennett, Bill Spindler, Jeff Ottmann

    6. Red Olander, Don Sheffield, Wayne Pennington, Tracy Stark, Decker Dawson, R. Brewer, Jim Tsai, Charles Sicking

    7. Charles & Linda Ehlers, Janice Hill, Clark Wilson, Wayne Pennington

    8. Art Cleaves, Brian Smyth, Marianne Dodge, Jack Droddy, Al Erxleben, John Edgarton

    9. John Newcomb, Joel Carlisle, Chas. Kreitler, Ed Killian, Jim Ragsdale, Curry Hall

    10. John Edgarton, W. H. (Pert) Marshall, Larry Williams, Mclnnis Newby, Frances & Fred Oliver

    11. Guests at the Bar-B-Que enjoy the food and fresh air

    12. Mrs. and Mr. George Harwell and Mrs. and Dr. William Muehlberger

    13. Dr. Keith Young gives a tour of the Geology Building to interested guests

    14. Virgil and Mildred (Milla) Barnes in their garden

    15. Fred Bullard

    16. Steve and Pat at Rancho Debito

    17. Ronald and Marion engage in a favorite activity

    18. Sam and Dottie Ellison at home.

    19. Claude Horton, Jr.

    20. Earl Ingerson

    21. Will and Margaret Rust at the fall Advisory Council Reception, Faculty Center

    22. Marge and Jack Wilson at their lake home.

    23. Jack Wilson at work in his lapidary shop

    24. Milo Backus, the Dave P. Carlton Centennial Professor in Geophysics

    25. Dan Barker, the Fred M. Bullard Professor

    26. Bob Boyer, The Robert E. Boyer Centennial Professor

    27. Bill Fisher, the Morgan J. Davis Centennial Professor in Petroleum Geology

    28. Bob Folk, the Dave P. Carlton Centennial Professor in Geology

    29. Lynton Land, the J. Nalle Gregory Professor

    30. Earle McBride, the Wilton E. Scott Centennial Professor

    31. Bill Muehlberger, the Second Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Yager Professor

    32. Al Scott, the First Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Yager Professor

    33. Keith Young, the Third Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Yager Professor

    34. Mrs. Chestalene Pintozzi

    35. Mr. Ernest E. Woehl

    36. Pete Flawn and Gene Ames, Jr. stand on the Catto-Gage Ranch, Marathon Basin in December 1980

    37. Ernie Lundelius, Undergraduate Advisor for 1981-82, congratulates the designates for the Presidential Endowed Scholarships for 1982-83

    38. Clayton Wilson's accomplishments in winning the undergraduate award in the annual petrography contest are described by Dan Barker

    39. Sharon Mosher and Clark Wilson hold the plaques presented to them by Mike Wiley and Charles Sicking

    40. Earle McBride describes the criteria upon which students selected the winners of the Exxon Faculty Teaching Excellence Awards

    41. Bob Folk congratuates Thor Hansen on winning the Carolyn G. and G. Moses Knebel Outstanding Teacher Award

    42. Earle McBride congratulates Milo Backus for being selected as one of the recipients of the Houston Oil and Minerals Faculty Excellence Awards

    43. Al Scott describes the project to be done at Honeycut Bend

    44. Dr. Myron K. Horn

    45. Judd and Cynthia Oualline chat with Howard Lowe

    46. Dorothy Banks

    47. Milo Backus jokes with Advisory Council member Decker Dawson

    48. Mr. and Mrs. Larsen

    49. Mr. and Mrs. Moffett

    50. Mr. and Mrs. Walter

    51. Mr. and Mrs. Yager

    52. Richard R. Bloomer

    53. Neil E. Hanson

    54. George M. Harwell

    55. Frank W. McBee, Jr.

    56. Mr. V. F. Neuhaus

    57. Geology Majors, Department of Geological Sciences, The University of Texas at Austin

    58. William Battle Phillips, the Bureau's first director, 1909-1915

    59. Johan August Udden, the Bureau's second director, 1915-1932

    60. Schematic block diagram showing inferred Paluxy depositional systems, East Texas Basin

    61. The Institute for Geophysics research vessel Fred H. Moore

    62. Art Maxwell, Director of the Institute for Geophysics

    63. Lunch in some rare shade at Del Norte Gap

    64. Tom and Ann Leary receive a plaque acknowledging their years of service toward the success of Geo 660 when their ranch was used as headquarters

    65. Plane-table exercise in the Marathon Boulder Bed near Alsate Creek

    66. Jim Croom, Jim Bennett, and Earle McBride on the flank of Santiago Peak, summer of 1960

    67. Students with ever-ready Jacobs staffs listen to Ralph Kehle point out features at Del Norte Gap, summer of 1971

    68. Earle McBride and Ernie Lundelius chat with Bedelia and Sally, who helped serve meals, by Leary's back porch, summer of 1971.

    69. Mapping on Simpson Springs Mountain and using the Caballos Novaculite for support

    70. Lunch in the back-reef facies of the Yates Formation on a traverse through the Guadalupe Mountains

    71. Photo of the Triarthrus Club, taken March 23, 1941

    72. Dr. Hal P. Bybee, Mason County Trip, 1919

    73. Susan Stone Norman inspecting company mining property at Park City, Utah

    74. Gaston Parrish and George Clements in Mason County, 1922

    75. November 8, 1980, Eagle Mountain Fluorspar