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Table of Contents

  1. Newsletter (University of Texas at Austin. Department of Geological Sciences) ; no. 30, 1981
    1. AAPG Breakfast in San Francisco

    2. SEG Breakfast

    3. GCAGS Luncheon

    4. Second Annual Open House & Bar-B-Que

    5. Department News

    6. Faculty Changes

    7. Faculty and Staff

    8. Professors

    9. Adjunct Professors

    10. Emeritus Professors

    11. Associate Professors

    12. Adjunct Associate Professors

    13. Assistant Professors

    14. Lecturers

    15. Librarian

    16. Technical Staff

    17. Administrative and Secretarial Staff

    18. Faculty Activities

    19. Department Visiting Speakers

    20. Special News

    21. Ken Martin and Bert Bally: Bowling Professors for 1980-81

    22. New Institute for Geophysics

    23. Geophysics Seminars

    24. Gemstones at The University of Texas

    25. Geology Foundation News

    26. Geology Foundation Advisory Council

    27. Honorary Life Members

    28. Gifts to the Geology Foundation

    29. Contributors to the Geology Foundation

    30. Industrial and Society Contributors to the Foundation and to Scholarships and Fellowships

    31. Donors of Books and Special Items to the Department of Geological Sciences

    32. Mrs. Dorothy Banks Scholarship Fund

    33. Robert E. Boyer Endowment

    34. Brahman Energy Scholarship

    35. Fund for Motivated Students Established

    36. Geology Library Endowment Established

    37. McCammon Endowed Scholarship

    38. Yager Professorships Established

    39. Undergraduate Scholarships

    40. Graduate Scholarships

    41. Geology Foundation Endowment Accounts

    42. Enrollment and Degrees

    43. Undergraduate Degrees Granted

    44. Graduate Degrees Granted

    45. Teaching Assistants— Department of Geological Sciences

    46. Undergraduate Students Employed at Bureau of Economic Geology

    47. Graduate Students Employed at Bureau of Economic Geology

    48. Bureau News

    49. Energy-Related Research

    50. Other Bureau Research

    51. Bureau Faculty

    52. In Memoriam

    53. W. Howell Cocke, Jr.

    54. Claude G. Holcomb

    55. William Noel McAnulty

    56. Richard F. Neal

    57. David S. Ogley

    58. Edgar Wesley Owen

    59. O. J. Solcher, Jr.

    60. Henryk Bronislaw Stenzel

    61. Leslie M. Craft Thomas

    62. A. Wayne Wood

    63. Anecdote The Way Things Are—a True Story (or, Things Haven't Changed Much at All)

    64. Anecdote-Another True Story

    65. Alumni News

    66. We Need Your Help

  2. Illustrations
    1. Front Cover 1,778.00 ct. Topaz, official gemstone for the State of Texas

    2. Honorees at AAPG Breakfast: Bill Carlson, Keith Young, Bob Boyer, Rachel Burks and Al Scott

    3. John & Marian Maxwell, Earl Bescher, Hal Bybee, Charles DeLancey. Judd Oualline, J. R. Jackson, Jr. and David Story

    4. John Kleist, James McConnell, Alan Bertagne, Patricia & Tom Schneider, Marietta & Wann Langston, and Gary Kocurek

    5. Dwight & Linda Cassell, Jerry McQueen, Susan Longacre Russ & Frankie Clemons, Tom Bjorklund and Will Reid

    6. Ken Seewald greets Thelma Guion, former Geology Librarian

    7. Richard A. Davis, Jr., A. B. Spencer, R. E. Denison and John D. Cooper

    8. J. R. (Dick) Williams, Sara Avant, Janet Lindley, Sam Udden, Leo Pugh and Brita Bishop

    9. Roy L. Naumann, George Schneider, Tom A. Cullinan, Bill Stokes

    10. Bill Muehlberger, Charles Jenkins, Jim Sprinkle and Charles Yager

    11. Karl & Dottie Hagemeier, Tom & Patricia Schneider, Toby & Corinne Carleton, and Bill & Leta Gipson

    12. Howard Lowe visits with Earle McBride at the fall open house

    13. Milo Backus

    14. "Bart" Bartholomew

    15. Bob Boyer receives plaque of appreciation from Don Boyd in behalf of the Geology Foundation

    16. Bill Carlson receives Knebel Distinguished Teaching Award from Lynton Land

    17. Ronald DeFord

    18. Sharon Mosher

    19. Bill Muehlberger

    20. Al Scott receives Houston Oil & Minerals Corp. Faculty Excellence Award from John Maxwell

    21. Sam Ellison presents Houston Oil & Minerals Corp. Faculty Excellence Award to Keith Young

    22. Ken Martin, first Bowling Professor, accepts plaque from Earl McBride

    23. Ben Carsey and Sam Ellison, new Honorary Life Members

    24. Michael B. Morris

    25. George B. Pichel

    26. Geology Majors, Department of Geological Sciences— the University of Texas at Austin

    27. General characteristics of dunes and common dune types, shown in relation to wind direction

    28. Color-infrared aerial photograph showing alignment of linear tributaries in Palo Duro Canyon and aligned playas on the adjacent High Plains surface

    29. Chock Woodruff

    30. Edgar W. Owen

    31. A. Wayne Wood

    32. The 1950 Team of the Department of Geology

    33. Susan and Jack Cage

    34. Bill Sharp camped on Rio Tucopido, South Side Venezuelan Andes, Surface Geology Party, 1953