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Table of Contents

  1. Newsletter (University of Texas at Austin. Department of Geological Sciences) ; no. 27, 1978
    1. Alumni Gather at AAPG

    2. GCAGS Meets in Austin — Alumni Attend Luncheon

    3. Ernie Lundelius — John A. Wilson VP Professor

    4. Department News

    5. Faculty Changes: Appointments and Promotions

    6. Faculty and Staff

    7. Professors

    8. Emeritus Professors

    9. Associate Professors

    10. Assistant Professors

    11. Lecturers

    12. Librarian

    13. Technical Staff

    14. Administrative and Secretarial Staff

    15. Faculty Activities

    16. Departmental Speakers

    17. Special Courses

    18. New Minerals/Energy Course

    19. Industry Participation in Geophysics

    20. Special News

    21. Career Conference: Undergraduate Geology/Geophysics Majors

    22. GCAGS Publications Office Moved to Austin

    23. Ingerson Recognized at Retirement

    24. Assistantship Program Announced

    25. UT Geophysical Society

    26. Morgan Davis Receives Award

    27. Our Poet Laureate

    28. USGS 1977-1978

    29. A Record Earth Science Teacher Day

    30. Library Adds Volumes, Maps

    31. Staff Service Recognized

    32. Enrollment and Degrees

    33. Undergraduate Degrees Granted

    34. Graduate Degrees Granted

    35. Teaching Assistants

    36. Geology Foundation News

    37. Geology Foundation Advisory Council

    38. Honorary Life Members

    39. Leonidas T. Barrow Professorship Established

    40. Geophysical Fund Endowed

    41. Leslie Bowling Professorship Fund

    42. Endowment Approaches Two Million Dollars

    43. Geology Foundation Endowment Accounts

    44. New Goal for Udden Fund

    45. Student Awards

    46. Undergraduate Scholarships

    47. Graduate Scholarships

    48. Gifts to the Geology Foundation

    49. Donors of Books, Cores, Electric Logs, Seismic Data and Special Items to the Department of Geological Sciences

    50. Contributors to the Geology Foundation

    51. Industrial and Society Contributors to the Foundation and to Scholarships and Fellowships

    52. In Memoriam

    53. Leonidas Theodore Barrow

    54. Anne Marie Parsons Austin

    55. Ruth Woolery Bybee

    56. William Richard Cunningham

    57. Keith Russell Grimes

    58. Oleta Richey Harrell

    59. Richard Paul Keizer

    60. Michael Lee McKinley

    61. Gordon Russell McNutt

    62. Frith Cravens Owens

    63. James Harrison Quinn

    64. Dennis Ritch Taylor

    65. Faculty Publications

    66. Bureau News

    67. Virgil Barnes Honored at Dinner

    68. Bureau of Economic Geology Administrative Staff

    69. Mining and Mineral Resource Research Institute

    70. Energy-Related Projects at the Bureau

    71. Studies of Geological Isolation of Radioactive Wastes

    72. Coastal Studies

    73. Additional Bureau Projects

    74. Research Assistants at the Bureau

    75. Bureau Faculty

    76. Marine Science News

    77. Teaching Program

    78. Research Program

    79. MSI Geology Faculty

    80. Alumni News

    81. We Need Your Help

  2. Illustrations
    1. Cover Picture Photomicrograph of a thin section of a pyroxene-olivinequartz intergrowth from a Precambrian quartz syenite, Labrador

    2. Jan & Bill Blankenship, Ralph Kehle, Larry Brogdon, George Stanton, Walter Parrish, Ray Sorenson, and Tom Curlee

    3. Earle McBride and Brian Richter display certificate naming Brian the Outstanding Undergraduate Student

    4. Petrography Award winner Jim Garrison accepts certificate from Steve Clabaugh

    5. Dick Bennett, Will & Marianne Green, Ron Nordquist, Joe Brewton, Chuck Caughey, Jim Miller, Howard and Marijo Gibson

    6. John Eidt, Berte R. Haigh, Kent Claypool, Rizer Everett, Richard A. Davis, Jr., John W. Wood, Don F. Reaser, John D. Cooper, Joel S. Watkins, and Don F. Mahaffey

    7. T. J. Worbington, Dan W. Williams, Reynaldo E. Macedo, Norma & Robert Sheldon, Bill W. Sharp, Roberto Garcia, Edgar H. Guevara, A. A. Hassam, and Rafik Salem

    8. Hal & Sally Bybee, J. R. Jackson, Jr., Thomas F. Head, Earl H. Bescher, Jr., Phil Jones, Kelton Cloud, Virgil H. Roan, Judd H. Oualline, and James E. Peterson

    9. Jack Wilson listens to Ernie Lundelius when establishment of the Professorship was first announced

    10. Untitled

    11. Steve Clabaugh proudly accepts desk set from Al Scott at AAPG Alumni Breakfast

    12. Joe Walter chats with Ronald and Marion at dinner honoring Morgan Davis

    13. Untitled

    14. Steve Clabaugh presents faculty excellence award to Leon Long

    15. Bill Muehlberger accepts faculty excellence award from Bob Boyer

    16. Untitled

    17. E. G. Wermund, Dick Byrd, Randy Foutch, and Earle McBride conferring during session break

    18. Participants at informal session

    19. Sam Ellison makes a point during the discussion session

    20. Students and conference participants discuss objectives of the BS degree program

    21. Martha Ingerson joins Earl at podium

    22. Earl and Martha with members of their family

    23. Morgan proudly displays silver tray

    24. Council members Edwin Van den Bark, George Donnelly, Edd Turner, and Decker Dawson, with wives

    25. Sam Ellison and Dr. William Hays, vice-president for academic affairs, congratulate Morgan

    26. Morgan Davis family photo

    27. Advisory Council members Ken Martin, Joe Moss and Don Boyd, with Mrs. Martin

    28. Marshall Titus describes the section at Honeycut Bend on the Pedernales River near Johnson City

    29. Al Haertlein explains the Glen Rose along Blanco River on SASGS field trip in April

    30. Teachers ascend Glen Rose limestone slope at Cross Mountain, Fredericksburg

    31. Ernest Woehl and Karl Hoops receive service awards

    32. Joe Walter, current Advisory Council chairman, with former chairmen Morgan Davis, Kenley Clark, and John Loftis

    33. Thomas D. Barrow

    34. John F. Bookout

    35. William T. Stokes

    36. Dr. Johan August Udden doing reconnaissance geology in the Glass Mountains in west Texas

    37. Untitled

    38. Untitled

    39. Untitled

    40. Untitled

    41. Untitled

    42. Untitled

    43. Untitled

    44. Virgil acknowledges the kind words expressed about his career

    45. Milla Barnes is recognized with a standing ovation during Bill Fisher's remarks

    46. Milla and Virgil admire photomicrograph of virgilite presented by Bevan French

    47. Open pit uranium mine, Karnes County, Texas

    48. Rig at site of geothermal test well in Brazoria County

    49. Principal elements within the south Texas eolin system, Kingsville and Brownsville-Harlingen areas

    50. R/V Longhorn and R/V Ida Green at dock

    51. R/V Fred H. Moore at sea

    52. Alumni

    53. Uel Clanton emcees Ingerson dinner

    54. 1960 Geology 660 group at International Chemicals Company Potash Mine near Carlsbad, New Mexico

    55. Pam Luttrell

    56. Holland McCarver and Aubrey Rabensberg at UT summer field camp at Cow Gap near Brady, Texas (1936)

    57. Robert A. Sheldon and Ang Swee Tong at a press conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in August, '77.