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Table of Contents

  1. Newsletter (University of Texas at Austin. Department of Geological Sciences) ; no. 25, 1976
    1. Steve Clabaugh— First Bullard Professor

    2. Alumni Breakfast at AAPG

    3. Department News

    4. Faculty Promotions and New Appointments

    5. Faculty and Staff

    6. Professors

    7. Emeritus Professors

    8. Associate Professors

    9. Assistant Professors

    10. Lecturers

    11. Librarian

    12. Technical Staff

    13. Administrative and Secretarial Staff

    14. Faculty Activity

    15. Departmental Speakers

    16. The Phoenix System

    17. Geophysical Interpretation: A Special Course

    18. Continuing Education in the Geological Sciences

    19. Enrollment and Degrees

    20. Undergraduate Degrees Granted

    21. Graduate Degrees Granted

    22. Special News

    23. Tales of a Miner's Lamp Collector

    24. RKD Honored by Former Students

    25. Folk-McBride in Italy

    26. USGS 1975-1976

    27. Alumni Gather—Jackson GCAGS

    28. Amma

    29. Some Recollections The 1924, 1926, and 1928 Summer Field Geology Camps

    30. Barron Mineral Display In Texas Memorial Museum

    31. Third Annual Earth Science Teacher Day

    32. Geology Foundation News

    33. Geology Foundation Advisory Council

    34. Honorary Life Members

    35. J. Nalle Gregory Professorship in Sedimentary Geology

    36. Presidential Scholarships Identified

    37. Geology Foundation Endowment Accounts

    38. Student Awards

    39. Undergraduate Scholarships

    40. Graduate Scholarships

    41. Teaching Assistants

    42. Gifts to the Geology Foundation

    43. Contributors to the Geology Foundation

    44. Donors of Books, Electric Logs and Special Items to the Department of Geological Sciences

    45. Industrial and Society Contributions to the Foundation and to Scholarships and Fellowships

    46. Marine Science News

    47. MSI Geology Faculty

    48. Bureau News

    49. Bureau of Economic Geology Administrative Staff

    50. Bureau Continues to Expand

    51. Energy Resource Investigations at the Forefront

    52. Bureau Geologists Work Offshore

    53. Additional Bureau Projects

    54. Large Contingent of Research Assistants at the Bureau

    55. Lignite Conference Draws National Audience

    56. Research Note Series

    57. Mineral and Energy Atlas of Texas

    58. Bureau Faculty

    59. Alumni News

    60. We Need Your Help

  2. Illustrations
    1. Cover Picture Tufa Columns, Pamukále, Turkey

    2. Ray Woods, Fred Bullard, and Steve Clabaugh

    3. Bob & Elizabeth Bybee, Robert L. Begeman, Dorothy & George Pichel, Sarah & Hal Bybee, and William T. Stokes

    4. John Newcomb, Reynaldo Macedo, Arthur & Ann Elliott, Norma & Bob Sheldon, Roger A. Wenzel, and Bill Wilbert

    5. Ralph O. Kehle, Martin N. Broughton, Mr. & Mrs. J. Ben Carsey, Mrs. W. C. Blackburn, Charles Yager, Mildred & Virgil Barnes

    6. Mike Zientek, Outstanding Ungergraduate student

    7. Mark Longman receives Petrography Award from Earle McBride

    8. Bob Boyer presents a plaque of appreciation to Earl Bescher as Mrs. Bescher looks on

    9. Steve Clabaugh presents Knebel Distinguished Teaching Award to Dan Barker

    10. John F. O'Donohoe, Bob Lovick, Karl Hagemeier, Sam Udden, Kirby Rodgers, Morris E. Pollock, Stuart Hastings, and James R. Moffett

    11. Richard F. Neal, Bert C. Timm, Morgan & Randa Davis, Scotty Holland, R. W. Grayson, J. B. Jamar, and O. D. Weaver

    12. Pete Rose, T. K. Bjorklund, John W. Smith, Elmer T. Musselman, Joel C. Carlisle, Charles J. Mankin, Amedeo Sikorski and Tom Freeman

    13. Jereld & Joy McQueen, Dick & Susan Smith, George D. Stanton, Karl R. Warning, Dwight & Linda Cassell

    14. Untitled

    15. Untitled

    16. Untitled

    17. Diplodocus stands proudly viewing his new domain in the Houston Museum of Natural Science

    18. Untitled

    19. Untitled

    20. Untitled

    21. Milo Backus inspects seismic data in the temporary quarters for the Phoenix seismic data-processing system

    22. Ric's collection which graced the third floor display case for three years

    23. RKD surrounded by his former students

    24. Ronald proudly displays silver tray

    25. Bob Folk has lunch on top of a mountain near Col Pedrino in the Lombardy Alps

    26. Ingenious construction of Italian farmhouse around boulder

    27. USGS students search for brucite and smoky quartz on their trip to Arkansas

    28. 1924 summer field geology camp, Gainesville, Texas

    29. Elm Creek in city park, Gainesville, Texas, adjacent to site of 1924 summer field geology camp

    30. 1926 summer field geology camp, Denison, Texas

    31. 1928 summer field geology camp, Bowie, Texas (first term group)

    32. J. Richard Harris discusses his mineral collection with Sue Levy and Ed Jonas

    33. Tom Rogers gives workshop participants a slide-cassette show on the Balcones fault zone

    34. C. W. Alcorn, Jr.

    35. Don R. Boyd

    36. W. Henry Cardwell

    37. George A. Donnelly, Jr.

    38. W. F. Reynolds

    39. Joe Walter congratulates Les Bowling on his selection as an Honorary Life Member

    40. Untitled

    41. Untitled

    42. Untitled

    43. 45,000-liter concrete pools for growing unialgal cultures of planktonic diatoms at UTMSI's St. Croix marine station on the northwest shore of St. Croix, Virgin Islands

    44. Multifold seismic section made in the area of the Sigsbee Knolls in the Gulf of Mexico

    45. Gary Latham and his team making final check on Texas ocean-bottom seismometer before sinking it to the floor of the Gulf of Mexico

    46. Bob Loucks and Don Bebout work on resource assessment of the geopressured geothermal resources of the Texas Gulf Coast

    47. Bureau's Shelf Project Crew preparing to take a sediment sample with a Smith-Mclntyre Sampler

    48. Ann St. Clair checks new Bureau map, "Energy resources of Texas"

    49. Untitled

    50. Untitled

    51. 1923 field trip to west Texas

    52. D. Gene Campbell travels from Bombay to Jamnager in western India

    53. 1948 second summer term geology field camp, Brady, Texas

    54. Economic geology class field trip to Llano area, spring of 1935