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Table of Contents

  1. Newsletter (University of Texas at Austin. Department of Geological Sciences) ; no. 24, 1975
    1. Geophysics at UT

    2. Wallace E. Pratt Professorship in Geophysics

    3. New Geophysics Option

    4. Geophysics Program 1974-1975

    5. Special Course in Seismic Interpretation

    6. Expansion of Cooperative Program with Geophysical Laboratory at Galveston

    7. DeFord's West Texas

    8. Department News

    9. Faculty Promotions and New Appointments

    10. Faculty and Staff

    11. Faculty Activity

    12. New Geology Librarian

    13. Departmental Speakers

    14. Teaching Assistants

    15. Special News

    16. Alumni Gather at AAPG

    17. Alumni Luncheon at G.C.A.G.S.

    18. SEPM Permian Basin Section Honors Ronald DeFord

    19. A Gala Dinner for Ed W. Owen

    20. The VP Lab

    21. U.S.G.S.

    22. South-Central Section—GSA

    23. In-Service Education Projects for Teachers

    24. Enrollment and Degrees

    25. Undergraduate Degrees Granted

    26. Graduate Degrees Granted

    27. In Memoriam

    28. George Moses Knebel

    29. J. Nalle Gregory

    30. Bureau News

    31. Bureau of Economic Geology Administrative Changes

    32. Gulf Coast Geothermal Energy Assessment

    33. Energy Program Highlights

    34. Women Geologists Play Prominent Role

    35. Bureau Faculty

    36. Geology Foundation News

    37. Geology Foundation Advisory Council

    38. Honorary Life Members

    39. Student Awards

    40. Undergraduate Scholarships

    41. Graduate Scholarships

    42. Professorships in Progress

    43. Thanks to the Geology Foundation

    44. Gifts to the Geology Foundation

    45. Contributors to the Geology Foundation July 1, 1974-June 30, 1975

    46. Donors of Air Photos, Electric Logs, or Special Items to the Department of Geological Sciences July 1, 1974-June 30, 1975

    47. Industrial and Society Contributors to the Foundation and to Scholarships and Fellowships July 1, 1974-June 30, 1975

    48. Geology Foundation Endowed Accounts

    49. Alumni News

    50. We Need Your Help

  2. Illustrations
    1. Cover Picture: Pressure-release tent structure, Town Mountain granite, Lake LBJ, Texas, shoreline; Basket star, Gorgonocephalus, 50-ft. depth, San Juan Island, Washington; Tidal inlet and delta, northeastern U.S.; Desiccated blue-green algal mats in supratidal ponds, Bahamas; Main Building, Balcones Research Center; Geophysics students set off blast; Cup coral, Balanophyllis elegans, and tube worm, Pseudotomilla ocellata, Puget Sound; Quartz variety agate, Chihuahua, Mexico; Geophysics students working with drill rig

    2. Milo M. Backus

    3. Wulf Massell inspects the Department's newly-acquired long-period vertical seismometer at the seismic station

    4. The Ida Green, 135-foot research vessel, anchored adjacent to Geophysical Laboratory, Galveston

    5. DeFord's expertise as a "mudder"

    6. Use of heating stage to determine temperatures of formation of minerals by studying their liquid inclusions.

    7. Wann Langston and Doug Lawson pose with Texas pterodactyl fossil

    8. Untitled

    9. Untitled

    10. Jan Turk proudly stands behind the first issue of "Environmental Geology"

    11. Martin A. Smith

    12. Bob Boyer presents Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award to Ann Boggs

    13. Gene & Margaret Woodyard, Caroline & Tim Denison, Ron Gieger, Clyde Seewald, Jim & Terry Adams

    14. Charles Vertrees, Jr., George Pichel, Mr. & Mrs. Hal H. Bybee, Sam & Dottie Ellison, Charles & Eloise Vertrees

    15. Eric Swanson accepts Petrography Award from Bob Boyer

    16. Bob Folk receives 1975 Knebel Best Teacher Award from Steve Clabaugh

    17. Edd R. Turner, Jr., Fred Ealand, Earl Bescher, Joel Carlisle, Ross & Lois Shipman, Mary Turner

    18. Mildred & Virgil Barnes, Priscilla & Pete Flawn, Charles Yager, Edgar J. Stulken, Veta & Morgan Davis

    19. Page Twiss, Josh Oden, Chip Groat, Don Reaser, Wulf Massell, Redge & Linda Greenberg, Ronald DeFord

    20. Ollie and Ed Owen inspect first copy of Ed's new book

    21. Fossil bone of large Texas pterodactyl with wing section from a smaller pterodactyl

    22. Untitled

    23. Untitled

    24. Jerry Wermund and Charles Woodruff examine bituminous strata in Anacacho Limestone at Black Wax Falls, Nueces River, south Texas

    25. Untitled

    26. James H. Frasher

    27. John A. Jackson

    28. Jack D. Wallner

    29. J. C. Walter, Jr.

    30. First female participants in the geology field course, 1934

    31. Members of the Zeta Chapter, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, 1921

    32. Fred B. Plummer, Fred Bullard, Ralph King and Gordon Damon in north Texas "grubbing" for fusulinids in anthills, 1930

    33. 1955 Geology 660 class members with No Parking sign "borrowed" from Marfa hotel during filming of "Giant"

    34. J. D. Langston

    35. Steve ("Edmund") Clabaugh poses proudly with an ammonite, 1939

    36. Untitled

    37. Ray D. Woods, 1934