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Table of Contents

  1. Newsletter (University of Texas at Austin. Department of Geological Sciences) ; no. 23, 1974
    1. Awards Breakfast, AAPG Meeting, San Antonio

    2. Another Departmental First

    3. Department News

    4. Faculty and Staff

    5. Professors

    6. Associate Professors

    7. Assistant Professors

    8. Lecturers

    9. Librarian

    10. Technical Staff

    11. Administrative and Secretarial Staff

    12. Faculty Activity

    13. Departmental Speakers

    14. Teaching Assistants

    15. Special News

    16. Muzo Emerald

    17. SGE Enjoys Active Year

    18. Department Establishes AVT Lab

    19. Minicomputer Acquired By Department

    20. Environmental Geology

    21. Scanning Electron Microscope

    22. USGS 1973-74

    23. Showcase 1974

    24. Enrollment and Degrees

    25. Undergraduate Degrees Granted

    26. Graduate Degrees Granted

    27. In Memoriam

    28. Geology Foundation News

    29. Geology Foundation Advisory Council

    30. Honorary Life Members

    31. Fred M. Bullard Professorship

    32. Scholarships for Minority Groups

    33. Gifts to the Geology Foundation

    34. Donors of Library Books

    35. Donors of Air Photos, Electric Logs, or Special Items to the Department of Geological Sciences

    36. Contributors to the Geology Foundation

    37. Industrial Contributors to the Foundation and to Scholarships and Fellowships

    38. Student Awards

    39. Undergraduate Scholarships

    40. Graduate Scholarships

    41. Foundation Support of Students

    42. Geology Foundation Endowed Accounts

    43. Bureau News

    44. Bureau Geologists Participate in National Meetings in Texas

    45. Bureau Hosts Research Colloquium In Approaches to Environmental Geology

    46. Land Resources Laboratory Established

    47. Bureau Faculty

    48. Alumni News

  2. Illustrations
    1. Cover Picture Wulfenite from Los Lamentos, Chihuahua

    2. Don Boyd, Harry Miller, Jr., Clem George, Edward McFarlan, Jr., Leon Byerly, Jr., and Ray Woods

    3. Don Winston, Ronald Marr, John Yeager, Jim Underwood, Charlie Yager, and O. Scott Petty

    4. Rizer Everett, Sam & Pat Wells, Earl Bescher, V. Zay Smith, Ken & Susan Longacre, Jim Evans and Bill St. John.

    5. Ray Burke, Mr. & Mrs. George Marshall, Mr. & Mrs. Joe Ward, Fred Bullard, Fredda Bullard Boeringa, and Edward Marks

    6. Chuck Caughey, Ed Jonas, Tom Brown, Tom Freeman, Myron Dorfman, John Cooper, Clyde Moore, Don Reaser and Robert Williams

    7. Faculty and wives at Alumni Breakfast

    8. Bonnie Weise receives Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award

    9. Chris Henry accepts the Petrography Award from Bob Boyer

    10. Steve Clabaugh proudly accepts the Carolyn G. and G. Moses Knebel Award in recognition of outstanding teaching performance

    11. Earle McBride reads the inscription on the plaque he presented to Tom and Ann Leary

    12. Ed Owen being congratulated by Jack Wilson

    13. Sam Ellison presents plaque to Will and Margaret Rust

    14. W. Maurice Ewing 1906-1974

    15. Untitled

    16. Untitled

    17. GSA President John Maxwell presents special award to Marie Siegrist at Society's annual meeting

    18. Untitled

    19. Untitled

    20. Untitled

    21. Mrs. O. C. Wheeler and G. Moses Knebel admire Muzo emerald specimen

    22. Three students study at AVT carrels while Bart Bartholomew observes

    23. James Engelbrecht, undergraduate geology major, operates Wang computer

    24. Gerald Bartz operates department's new Miniscan

    25. Edwin Van den Bark

    26. Bill Fisher moderates colloquium panel with Marcus Yancy and Bob Armstrong

    27. Early SGE picnic at Cypress Mill

    28. Summer geology course of 1919 taken on the Llano River in Mason County

    29. Field trip to Mason during Summer of 1949

    30. Gus Eifler and C. O. Durham on Brady field camp, Summer '48

    31. Dr. Hal P. Bybee on an "early" survey crew

    32. Professor F. L. Whitney examining the Buda Limestone on Onion Creek

    33. Fred Bullard with students on Llano River, February 18, 1928

    34. Dick Robison, Hollis D. Hedberg Distinguished Professor

    35. First UT field "camp" at Brady during Summer 1930

    36. Bill St. John demonstrates movement of Africa through time

    37. Geology 660 group at Leary's Ranch in Marathon, Texas in mid-50's

    38. Professor Whitney and students in west Texas on a field trip in the early 20's