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Table of Contents

  1. Newsletter (University of Texas at Austin. Department of Geological Sciences) ; no. 21, 1972
    1. Ronald K. DeFord Honored at Dinner-Dance

    2. Ronald K. DeFord-An Appreciation

    3. Department News

    4. Geophysicist Added to Faculty

    5. Lecturers—Guests of the Department

    6. Departmental Speakers, 1971—1972

    7. Enrollment and Degrees

    8. Recent Graduates in Geological Sciences

    9. Graduate Degrees in Geological Sciences

    10. Scholarships, Fellowships and Awards

    11. Co-Winners of the First Petrography Award

    12. Geology Foundation News

    13. Advisory Council, 1972-73

    14. Honorary Life Members

    15. Members Leaving Council (August 1972)

    16. Industrial Contributors to the Foundation August 1, 1971-June 30, 1972

    17. Contributors to the Geology Foundation August 1, 1971-June 30, 1972

    18. Donors of Library Books 1971-1972

    19. Librarian Retires

    20. Contributions of Alumni and Ex-Students to the Geology Foundation

    21. In Memoriam

    22. Special News

    23. Machinist Retires

    24. Forum on Energy Resources and Mineral Plant Foods

    25. First Distinguished Graduates Award

    26. Alumni Meet at Denver-AAPG

    27. GE XRD-700

    28. Texas' Grand Canyon

    29. USGS—A Memorable Year

    30. Alexander Deussen Professorship of Energy Resources

    31. Bureau News

    32. Bureau Projects

    33. Status of Bureau Publications

    34. Toward Excellence in Geologic Photography

    35. Alumni News

  2. Illustrations
    1. COVER PICTURE A quieter stretch of the Rio Grande as it winds through the Mariscal Canyon (see article on page 28). Photo by Wayne Jones.

    2. Ronald and Alma DeFord

    3. Sam Ellison presents plaque to Ronald DeFord.

    4. Ronald and Alma DeFord amidst a group of the Professor's graduate students.



    7. Susan Levy and Don Parker, Co-winners of the Best Petrography Award, 1971-72.

    8. Newly-elected members of the Geology Foundation Advisory Council (left to right) : James R. Moffett, J. Ben Carsey, Sr., Jack K. Larsen, and Frank W. Michaux.

    9. Truman A. Stuart. First Department Machinist.

    10. Mr. and Mrs. L. T. (Slim) Barrow with picture and plaque presented to them.

    11. Above left: Two honorary Life Members of the Geology Foundation Advisory Council, Charlie Yager (left) and Ed Owen, enjoy conversation and shrimp cocktail. Above center: Mrs. Hal P. Bybee (upper left) and Slim Barrow at the head table. Above right: Mrs. Barrow and Sam Ellison. Lower left: Conversation before the dinner finds Mrs. Sam Ellison (left) talking with Advisory Council Chairman Leslie Bowling (center) and John Maxwell. Mrs. Charlie Yager in right foreground. Lower center: Mrs. Hal P. Bybee relaxes before the festivities begin. Lower right: the Tom Barrow family. –

    12. Karl Hoops, analytical chemist, inspects the vacuum x-ray fluorescence unit.

    13. Robert Schneider, Bryan Hale, Pat Potter, and two oarsmen try to look unconcerned as they show how to float backward.

    14. Robert Tonsing, Carol Shattuck, Ed Jonas, and Michael Lyon fend off the on-rushing boulder in the foreground as they move through Mariscal Canyon.

    15. John Thackston and his fiance, Marika, use the "bumper" technique while Malissa Grunig and Joanna Siedlecka provide the power in navigating through a rock-fall area.

    16. Dr. Samuel P. Ellison, Jr., honored as first recipient of this Professorship, effective September 1, 1972.

    17. Winning black and white (B-W) and color transparencies (CT) in photo contest. Upper left: "A boulder cap," honorable mention (B-W) by Mark Sholes. Upper right: "Grand Canyon panorama," first place (CT) by Carl Teinert. Center left: "Garnet with reaction rim," honorable mention (CT) by Michael Jordan. Center right: "Upstream from Barton Springs in Austin," first place (B-W) by Mark Sholes. Lower left: "Algae in limestone," second place (B-W) by Mary Bowers. Lower center: "Strange fold," honorable mention (CT) by John Kleist. Lower right: "Quartz-feldspar dikes in gneissic granite," second place (CT) by Michael Jordan.

    18. 1951 Summer field camp—second session. Photo taken in Marfa, Texas (contributed by Max M. Crunk, Jr.).

    19. Max Crunk and Frank Dagley (on burro) in Marfa, Texas during 1951 summer field camp (contributed by Max M. Crunk, Jr.).

    20. "Buzz" Fauntleroy sent this picture along with the following note: "I am enclosing a picture which Dr. Fred Bullard took in the summer of 1947 at the Volcano Paricutin in old Mexico. The trip was the climax of the summer field camp held at Brady, Texas. Shown in the picture, from left to right are Charles Butler, one of the smartest graduates of the Gregory School. Charley practiced geology for some six months, then retired to manage his family fortunes; Mr. Fred Ealand, now with the Humble Oil and Refining Co. in New Orleans; Mr. Jim Alphin, deceased; yours truly, Buzz Fauntleroy; Charles Jenkins, now an independently wealthy consultant in Duncan, Oklahoma; Mr. Charles Haydon, then of the music department at North Texas Agricultural College in Arlington and our interpreter for the trip; and some geologist with the USGS whose name I have long since forgotten. You will note if you look closely that those capable of growing moustaches, namely Alphin and Fauntleroy, were doing so to honor the famous "cootie garage" which always adorned our beloved Dr. Bullard's upper lip until that stage in life where he felt like he looked old enough to pass for a professor. My information would indicate that removal of the moustache occurred some two years before his final retirement."

    21. W. A. Maley sent us this picture which was taken in March 1972. It shows his brother, Vaughn C. Maley (on right), and his son, Karl A. Maley (middle) in addition to himself.

    22. Virgil H. Roan (BS '49), President of the Ardmore Geological Society during 1971-72, its 50th Anniversary Year.

    23. James Lee Wilson (BA '42, MA '44), named to Harry Carothers Wiess Chair of Geology at Rice University.