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Table of Contents

  1. Newsletter (University of Texas at Austin. Department of Geological Sciences) ; no. 19, 1970
    1. Departmental News

    2. Enrollment and Degrees

    3. Scholarships, Fellowships and Awards

    4. Bureau News

    5. Geology Foundation News

    6. In Memoriam

    7. Special News

    8. Alumni News

  2. Illustrations
    1. This photo was taken on Dan Barker's trip to Africa in the summer of 1969. Reading left to right: Dan Barker, Joel Watkins, John Snyder, Ed Lidiak, and Skip McGehee.

    2. Newly-elected members of the Geology Foundation Advisory Council (left to right) : Robert W. Eaton, Rodger E. Denison, John L. Loftis, Jr., and Roger S. Plummer. Not shown is Clement E. George.

    3. Dorothy Ogen Carsey

    4. Charles W. Ellis, Jr.

    5. Thomas W. Todd

    6. John C. Maxwell

    7. This photograph of the charter members of Sigma Gamma Epsilon appeared in the 1921 Cactus. Top row: G. Moses Knebel, Frank E. Cave, Lester A. Luecke, and Joseph M. Dawson. Second row: George H. Clements, L. T. Barrow,. Arthur H. Deen, and Charles E. Yager. Not shown are Drue D. Christner, Walter G. Sterling and O. C. Wheeler.

    8. Above left: Steve Clabaugh, Bob Redfield, Frank Reedy and unidentified guest (we're sorry!). Above center: Jay Frost chats with Gus Eifler and Mrs. Eifler. Above right: Kenley Clark, Jerry Bartley and Dan White. Below left: Wayne Holcomb greets Frank Reedy, Mrs. J. M. Frost, J. M. Frost and Buff Martin. Below center: Clay Reichert and his wife with Steve Clabaugh. Below right: Clyde Ikins, Dr. Fred Bullard, Dan White (back to camera) and Charles Word.

    9. Untitled

    10. This photo was loaned to us by Holland McCarver. It was taken in the summer of 1937 when the Geology Summer Camp was held in Brady. Reckon they came by the watermelons "rightly"? Left to right: Aubrey Rabensburg, J. C. Hunter, Charles Word, Taylor Cole, Trovall Stahl, Ralph McKinlay and Bob Anderson.

    11. Another pix taken at the Class Reunion Dinner in June 1970. This one shows Jerry Bartley, Henry Cardwell and Bill McCampbell "relaxing" before dinner.

    12. Bill E. Tipton (BS '49, MA '51) of Houston sent us this photo of John Marsh which is shown above. Bill wrote: "I thought many of the Exes would enoy seeing a familiar picture of John Marsh which, I understand, was posted on the geology Building Bulletin Board for some time. The time was the summer of 1950 while doing our West Texas field work under Ronald DeFord. The picture was taken on a Sunday morning in back of the Dixon Service Station in Van Horn, Texas, where we put up our cots every weekend when we came to the 'city' to live it up. The 'bug' was drawn on John's head by Art Cochrum. Nary a thing could wake him up!" As many of you will remember, John died in Houston in May 1963 following a chest operation.