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Table of Contents

  1. Newsletter (University of Texas at Austin. Department of Geological Sciences) ; no. 13, 1964

    1. Favorite Visitor from Space

    2. Ed Owens Wins Powers Medal

    3. New Building Plans Completed

    4. Do UT Geology Alumni Get Rich?

    5. Geology Faculty News

    6. Out-of-Town Lectures by Geology Professors

    7. Geology Foundation

    8. Deaths

    9. Enrollment and Degrees

    10. Scholarships, Fellowships, and Awards

    11. Graduate Degrees in Geology

    12. Notes from the Bureau of Economic Geology

    13. Alumni News

    14. Lost Alumni

    15. Historical Picture

  2. Illustrations
    1. Untitled

    2. Untitled

    3. Faculty of the Department of Geology, fall 1963. Front row, left to right: Peter Flawn, Keith Young, Earle Mc├čride, Charlie Bell, and Bob Folk (blinking his eyes). Second Row: Al Scott, Dan Barker, Earl Ingerson, Leon Long, Ken Fahnestock. Back two rows: Bill Muehlberger, Bill Mslntire, Ronald DeFord, Ed Jonas, Jack Wilson, Sam Ellison, Ed Owen, and Steve Clabaugh. Several others were out of town when the picture was taken.

    4. Bill Muehlberger points out folds in Paleozoic sediments to astronauts Scott Carpenter (standing beside Bill) and Charles Conrad, Jr.

    5. Untitled

    6. Untitled

    7. Untitled

    8. Untitled

    9. Untitled

    10. Untitled

    11. Photograph courtesy of Charles D. Ventrees This photo was taken in September 1922 at a meeting of the Southwestern Geological Society in Dallas. It shows a remarkable assemblage of prominent and soon-to-be-prominent geologists of this region. Shown in the top row, left to right are (1) Drue D. Christner, (2) Chester A. Hammil, (3) Harold K. Shearer, (4) Carroll E. Cook, (5) E. H. Sellards, (6) F. W. Simonds (7) L. T. Barrow, (8) E. W. Brucks, (9) Lyman C. Reed, (10) Wm. R. Poague, (11) Phillip S. Justice, and (12) Fred H. Lahee. Middle Row (1) H. P. Bybee, (2) E. L. DeGolyer, (3) J. P. D. Hull, (4) Rebecca R. Masterson, (5) Laura Lee Lane, (6) Dorothy Shoaf, (7) Laura E. Thomson, (8) unidentified, (9) Lula Pace, (10) W. M. Winson, (11) Charles N. Gould, (12) Leon C. Pepperberg, (13) David P. Donaghue, (14) F.L.Whitney. Bottom Row (1) V. V. Waite, (2) Willis Storm, (3) Robert C. Gaskill, (4) R. L. Cannon, (5) G. M. Knebel, (6) Ward C. Bean, (7) E. B. Stiles, (8) J. W. Beede, (9) unidentified, (10) Charles D. Vertrees (11) Clarence E. Elvell, and (12) Gayle Scott.