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The Ukrainian Academy of Sciences

This PDF document contains the full text of an overview and analysis of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, written and compiled by Jack L. Cross.

Author's Summary [from the Preface]:

About twelve years ago, I began working on a study of the Soviet Academy of Sciences--which at that time included the Ukrainian Academy among the 15 academies comprising the Republics of the Soviet Union--toward the end of my academic career. I was confused by the scope and organization of the Soviet Academy and my curiosity was awakened. During my researches on the Soviet Academy and about at the time that I had finished my first draft of this larger study--perestroika and glasnost and Gorba chev appeared, the Berlin wall came down, and Russia was reborn and the Ukraine asserted its independence. . . . While this present volume lacks up-to-date information on the biographical information on Ukrainian scientists and a later description of the structure and personnel of the 80-odd research institutes under the Ukrainian Academy subject matter departments of the academy in Kiev, it represents the best available material on the academy available to me at the present time.

- Jack L. Cross

The monographs below are archived in the PDF format:

pdf The Ukranian Academy of Sciences 1995 [632K]

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