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A Guide to the Russian Academy of Sciences (1997)

A Guide to the Russian Academy of Sciences (1997)

Image of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

This PDF document contains the full text of an overview and analysis of the Russian Academy of Sciences, written and compiled by Jack L. Cross. It includes updates and annotations for a 1997 edition.

Note to the 1997 Edition [from the Preface]:

In these trying times in Russia, changes are afoot in the scientific research institutes, in the departments of the academy, and in the personnel who make up the Russian intelligentsia. In this edition, I have inserted all revisions to the older text in 9-point type .... Russian scientists and Russian scientific research institutes are appearing in greater numbers on the internet. Internally, computer servers and networks are being developed at a dizzying pace, and the outreach of those networks to the rest of the world is making it possible to keep up with those changes that are posted on the internet. This revised edition is the first of an annual update and it takes advantage of the latest information posted by individuals, where useful, and by institutes and departments when available.

- Jack L. Cross

The monograph below is archived in the PDF format:

pdf A Guide to the Russian Academy of Sciences [3.0 MB]

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