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A History of British Fossil Reptiles -- page Dinosauria Pl. 41

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Dinosauria Pl. 41

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Dinosauria Plate 41

    Description of Plate 41:

  • Caudal vertebræ of the Hylæosaurus, one sixth nat. size.

    Fig. 1. Ten vertebræ from the base of the tail.

    Fig. 2. Eleven vertebræ from near the end of the tail.

    Fig. 3. Under view of anterior caudal vertebræ, showing the form, and place of articulation, of the hæmapophyses.

    Fig. 4. Back view of a hæmal arch from the same (h) region of the tail (half nat. size).

    Fig. 4'. Under view of middle caudal vertebræ, showing the shape of the hæmapophyses, h.

    Fig. 5. Side view of a hæmal arch from a middle caudal vertebra (half nat. size).

    Fig. 6. Under view of caudal vertebræ beyond the middle of the tail.

    Fig. 7. Back view of a hæmal arch from one of these vertebræ (half nat. size).

    The further modification of the hæmapophyses in the posterior caudal vertebræ is shown in fig. 2.

    From the Wealden of Tilgate, Sussex. In the British Museum.

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