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A History of British Fossil Reptiles -- page Dinosauria Pl. 39

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Dinosauria Pl. 39

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Dinosauria Plate 39

    Description of Plate 39:

  • Fig. 1. Outside of a portion of jaw.

    Fig. 2. Inside of the same portion of jaw.

    Fig. 3. Upper view of the same.

    Fig. 4. The hinder fractured end of the same.

    Fig. 5. The fore fractured end of the same.

    Fig. 6 and 7. Two views of a tooth.

    Fig. 8. Side view of a tooth, imbedded in Wealden matrix.

    Fig. 9. A portion of a tooth, similarly imbedded.

    The above specimens are referred, with probability, to the Hyl├Žosaurus.

    Fig. 10. Side view of a dorsal vertebra of the Hyl├Žosaurus.

    Fig. 11. Articular surface of the body of the same vertebra.

    From the Wealden of Tilgate Forest, Sussex. In the British Museum.

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