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layout item In March, 2001, leaders of the Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional, popularly known as EZLN or Zapatistas, left their Indian villages in Chiapas to convince the federal Congress in Mexico City to pass into law a negotiated agreement safeguarding their lands and culture. After years of struggle and violence attracting world wide attention, they hoped to gain redress for long-protested injustices. At each stop on their way to the capital, the Zapatistas confirmed solidarity with other Indian and political groups. On their arrival at the National Palace, thousands of supporters filled the huge square in front of it. The appearance of EZLN leaders before Congress still resonates in Mexican politics.

layout itemThis collection of documents, broadsides, pamphlets, books and magazines reflects the progress of this march and the views and goals of the participants and their allies. Of special interest are documents of the EZLN, of the Third National Indian Congress, the P'urhépecha Nation, the National Commission on Human Rights of Mexico, National University organizations, and various political groups.

These unique materials were collected during weeks of diligent effort by students from the University of Texas at Austin and the National University of Mexico (UNAM). They gathered the papers at each of the stops of the EZLN delegation along their route from Chiapas and at rallies supporting this cause in Mexico City. The Benson Latin American Collection of the University of Texas at Austin General Libraries is pleased to accept, preserve and present this material for research.

Selected documents from this collection are shown in the illustrations here. The complete list, compiled by one of the students, a doctoral candidate in history at Texas, is also available online.
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Publications in the University of Texas at Austin General Libraries about the EZLN are listed in the online catalog under the subjects:
Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional (Mexico)
Chiapas (Mexico)-History-Peasant Uprising, 1994-
Marcos, subcomandante
Mexico-Politics and government-1988-

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