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Superintendent's Report
The superintendent's report for 1846,
found in the 17th Annual Report of the Directors, 1847.

Letter stemming from the Saint John d'El Rey Company Chairman's visit to Morro Velho in 1880.

Page from Accounting Ledger 17, 1936.

Additional Materials in the Saint John d'El Rey Archives at the Benson Collection

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The photographs in the other exhibits all date from the 1890s. In addition to the nine albums of photos from that decade, the Benson Collection houses four albums of photographs taken by the Saint John d'El Rey Company in the early 20th Century. However, the Saint John d'El Rey Archive consists of much more than just photographs. Indeed, the photos make up the smallest part of the archive. The images on this page are examples of some of the materials that make up the archive. logo

The finding aid for the Saint John d'El Rey materials is located online as part of the Texas Archival Resources Online project,TARO.

Please note, however, that as of yet the Saint John d'El Rey Archives remain largely unprocessed, so requests for specific information may not be possible. For further information or to arrange a visit please contact the Benson Collection Rare Books and Manuscripts at +1 512 495 4578 or Craig Schroer, Electronic Information Services Librarian at schroer@mail.utexas.edu.

Stock Agreement
The Tenth Agreement to the Alotment
of Shares of the Saint John
d'El Rey Company, 1884.

Minute Book
A page from the 42nd Board Meeting
Minute Book, 1914.

Register of Marriages
The Saint John d'El Rey Archives include the records for the Anglican parish at Nova Lima. This page records the marriages that occurred in 1856-57.

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