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The Conflict

Photographs from the Mary Ann Smothers Bruni Collection

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Soy un rayo fulminante
para altivos y engañosos;
siendo de los envidiosos
un cuchillo penetrante.
Soy aquel que tú no entiendes
a pesar de tus rigores,
defensor de estos Pastores.
a quien engañar pretendes.

I am a lightning ray
to the proud and deceptive,
and also I am a sharp knife
to those who live in envy.
I am the one, whom thou dost not know
in spite of thy punishment,
the defender of these shepherds
Whom thou wantest to deceive.

--Archangel Michael in
Los Pastores: A Christmas Drama of Old Mexico
, pg. 29.

In the dramatic climax of the play, the archangel reappears to demand that Luzbel and the devils stop beleaguering the shepherds, and the two again clash swords. Miguel defeats, enchains, and tramples Luzbel beneath his feet, and Luzbel cries out for help. The devils grasp hands to form a chain to pull Luzbel free, but their attempt is thwarted by the Hermit. Finally, Miguel banishes the humbled Luzbel back to his infierno for all eternity.

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