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Photo of "Escobar Field"
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The Work of La Liga after World War II - Continued...

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La Liga Flyer (in Spanish)
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Letter from KITE radio station offering free airtime (January 17, 1948)
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Sample Radio Script (in Spanish)
Similar to their activity before the war, La Liga also worked to solicit endorsement of their cause by civic, social, religious, and labor organizations. Their success in this respect was even greater following the war, with endorsements from over 80 org anizations. Further augmenting this public awareness campaign was the use of radio announcements airing La Liga's message and reaching a wider audience than that previously reached through newspaper stories in the San Antonio Light, La Prensa and La Liga's publication El Defensor De La Juventud (The Defender). Two San Antonio radio stations KCOR and KITE gave La Liga free airtime on a regular basis.
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