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Photo of "Escobar Field"
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The Work of La Liga after World War II

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Photo of Lanier School Published in the San Antonio Evening News (September 2, 1947)
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Aftermath of Fire at Zavala School
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After the conclusion of World War II, La Liga was reactivated and again began working for educational equality on the west-side of San Antonio. This renewed struggle saw the use of many of the same techniques used in the previous decade, including: docum enting school conditions on the west-side, the use of public forums to debate their case, and the use of flyers and leaflets to draw peoples' attention to their cause. In the aftermath of World War II, Escobar stated that "we simply want the same opportu nity given our children in education as the equal duty that was given them to fight and die for our country;" a compelling argument in light of the recent war experience. In addition to their primary platform stressing educational equality, La Liga also used their organizational power to continually urge west-side residents to send all children to school as a means of securing a better future for them.

In the second active period of La Liga, a central rallying point was the contention that many of the schools on the west-side were firetraps. To support this statement, La Liga invited the Fire Prevention Bureau of San Antonio to make on-site inspections of conditions at selected west-side schools. The Fire Prevention Bureau's report legitimized the claims of La Liga, and in the case of the Sidney Lanier Annex (a former pecan shelling plant) went so far as to make the recommendation to, "discontinue occ upying this building as a school or place of assembly, immediately." During this second period of La Liga's activity, a series of fires at the Zavala School further reinforced the claim that some of these schools represented serious fire hazards. Fortun ately, no one was injured in any of the three fires at Zavala.