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Photo of "Escobar Field"
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"The Defender" and UT Austin Survey Results

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El Defensor De La Juventud (The Defender)
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Newspaper Article in La Prensa About Results of University of Texas Survey Committee Report
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Not convinced that improvements would be forthcoming, La Liga worked to keep the issue in the foreground by founding a bilingual newspaper, El Defensor De La Juventud (The Defender). This paper's main purpose was to keep La Liga's constituency informed o f news of the struggle for educational equality.

In July of 1935 the University of Texas Survey Committee completed its report, stating that school conditions on the west-side of San Antonio were in fact inferior and recommending the construction of three new elementary schools, in addition to those sch ools already agreed upon during the Senate hearings. After this victory La Liga became less active and with the onset of World War II, other matters superseded the interests of La Liga.