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Photo of "Escobar Field"
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Founding of La Liga Pro-Defensa Escolar

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School Improvement League Flyer
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Document Founding La LigaPro-Defensa Escolar (December 14, 1934)
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After Escobar's resignation in 1934, LULAC Council No.16 appointed a whole new Committee for Playgrounds and School Facilities without first consulting those organizations which had endorsed the activities of the previous committee. This move on the part of LULAC angered these local organizations who in turn responded by creating La Liga Pro-Defensa Escolar (The School Improvement League) and inviting Escobar to be its president. Backed by the support of more than 70 local organizations, La Liga assumed prominence as the premier advocate for Mexican American children, and the LULAC committee ultimately ceded authority in these matters.

The newly formed Liga sought ways to improve their effectiveness at a time when politicians were becoming more sensitive to Mexican Americans as a political entity. Frustrated by the incalcitrance of the San Antonio School Board in implementing change, La Liga initiated a bill (introduced in the Texas House of Representatives by J. Franklin Spears) to reduce the term of a school board member from 6 years to 2 years. It was hoped that this change would make school board members more responsive to their constituency's demands. This bill passed in the House but the Senate called for more hearings and in response were shown the documentary evidence of the school situation in San Antonio. The president of the San Antonio School Board was called upon to testify and under pressure ceded the case of La Liga and agreed to the construction of 2 new schools, the addition of 50 classrooms, the purchase of additional playground area, and the hiring of additional teachers for the west-side. Satisfied with these concessions, the Senate ceased action on the bill.