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Photo of "Escobar Field"
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Escobar's Work with LULAC - Continued...

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Letter from Woods (September 17, 1934)
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A Draft of Escobar's Letter of Resignation
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As insurance against the possibility that the University of Texas survey proposed by the school board was merely a stalling tactic, Escobar solicited the support of a multitude of civic, religious, social and labor organizations and managed to secure support from 73 such groups. In addition, Escobar wrote a letter to the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, L.A. Woods, requesting his attention to the cause of Mexican American children in San Antonio. In his response to this letter, Superintendent Woods agrees to personally inspect conditions, but cautions Escobar against further action, saying "Now, I know that you can easily hurt your own cause, provided you have been getting reasonable consideration the last few years, with reference to the Mexican children; and I assure you that I am not going to be a party in hurting the Latin-American children of San Antonio."

Capitalizing on this momentum, the LULAC Committee for Playground and School Facilities arranged a rally where Woods would be a featured speaker, along with Eleuterio Escobar and a number of other community leaders. At this rally Woods promised to investigate the school situation and make reforms as needed. Shortly thereafter Woods sent another letter confirming the inadequate status of the west-side schools and recommending use of an existing $900,000 in bond money to remedy the situation. In spite of this recommendation, the school board refused to work with Escobar in implementing this solution. The frustration of this situation coupled with tensions within LULAC, caused Escobar to resign as chairperson of the Committee for Playground and School Facilities.