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Escobar's Early Working and Civic Life.

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Escobar Furniture Company (with Escobar in front) click for larger image
When the United States entered the First World War in 1918, Escobar joined the infantry and was stationed in Europe. Returning to San Antonio after seeing a year of service he again pursued work as a salesman in order to save enough money to open his own business. After founding the San Antonio Mercantile Company with his friend Antonio Martinez, Escobar married in 1923 and a year later departed the Mercantile Company in order to open the Escobar Furniture Company. Escobar's business thrived during the 1920's up until the Great Depression hit in 1929. However, even in the difficult times of the Depression, Escobar managed to maintain his business while also remaining involved in civic affairs; these involvements contributed to his increasing political awareness and activity.

Escobar served in a number of civic organizations prior to the founding of La Liga Pro-Defensa Escolar, including; the Knights of Columbus, the Association of Independent Voters, and the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC). Escobar's appoint ment as chairperson of LULAC's Council No. 16 (Committee for Playground and School Facilities) was where his work to improve educational facilities for Mexican American children began in earnest.