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Early Life of Eleuterio Escobar

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Born in Laredo, Texas in 1894, Eleuterio Escobar had an educational experience common to most Mexican American children of his time. This experience is related in his autobiography and describes how inferior educational facilities combined with a social expectation to work as manual laborers caused many Mexican Americans to abandon education at an early age in order to work as ranchhands or farmhands. Escobar himself only completed a formal education through the third grade and at the age of 13 became the head of his household after the death of his father.

Working as a farmhand until the age of 18, Escobar then moved on to work as a traveling salesman and it was in this line of work that he had the opportunity to witness firsthand the widespread poverty among Mexican Americans. Escobar believed that the in adequate education provided to Mexican Americans was an institutionalized method of maintaining this status quo, and his belief fueled a lifelong struggle against educational inequality.