Photo of "Escobar Field"
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The Legacy of Eleuterio Escobar

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Congratulatory Letter on Behalf of the San Antonio Teachers' Association to Escobar
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Program from the Dedication of Escobar Junior School (January 4, 1959)
In 1958, in honor of his contribution to the well-being of Mexican American children, a junior high school was named in honor of Eleuterio Escobar. In a letter describing his feelings at having been honored in this manner Escobar says "During my life I have received many surprises - some joyous ones, some sad ones; but the one that impressed me the most deeply was when I learned that the Edgewood Independent School District had named a new school after me."

Active in real estate throughout his life and always a champion of youth, Escobar donated both property and sporting equipment in order to promote athletics for Mexican American boys. The property shown in the photo below is Escobar Field.

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Picture of Escobar Field
The inadequate school conditions on the west-side of San Antonio were never completely redressed during the period in which La Liga Pro-Defensa Escolar was active. However, La Liga was responsible for significantly improving these conditions and, of equal or greater importance, for raising awareness about the issue of educational equity for Mexican-Americans. In the social context of the times, the educational improvements earned through the work of Eleuterio Escobar and La Liga Pro-Defensa Escolar were truly outstanding.
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