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Eleuterio Escobar
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The Benson Latin American Collection at the University of Texas at Austin houses the papers of Eleuterio Escobar (b. 1894 - d. 1970), a prominent San Antonio businessman and president of La Liga Pro-Defensa Escolar (The School Improvement League), a civic organization dedicated to equal education for Mexican American children.

This collection is useful to scholars because of its primary source materials which document the struggle of Mexican Americans to obtain educational equality. Although the contents of this collection primarily relate to this struggle as it took place in San Antonio during the early and mid-twentieth century, the atmosphere portrayed therein is likely representative of social conditions in the Southwestern United States as a whole during this time period.

A guide to the content of the Eleuterio Escobar Papers is available online.

Table of Contents for the Exhibit

The Eleuterio Escobar Collection Founding of La Liga Pro-Defensa Escolar
Early life of Eleuterio Escobar "The Defender" and UT Austin Survey Results
Escobar's Early Working and Civic Life The Work of La Liga after World War II
Escobar's Work with LULAC La Liga after World War II - Continued
Escobar's Work with LULAC - Continued "La Gran Junta" de la Liga Pro-Defensa Escolar
Legacy of Eleuterio Escobar and La Liga Pro-Defensa Escolar