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Some materials, either aged, in poor physical condition, or of a certain rarity or historical significance, are contained in a separate Special Collection from which items may be viewed in the library upon request. Guidelines for using these materials are available here [pdf].

Special strengths include central and eastern European architecture, especially the Vienna Secession Movement, late nineteenth and early twentieth century British and French architecture books, as well as titles from the libraries of architects whose work is represented in the Alexander Architectural Archive. Of special note are the libraries of architect Paul P. Cret, architectural historian Colin Rowe, and architect and educator Charles W. Moore. The Rowe Collection and the Moore Collection are located off campus. To view these materials, submit a request at the Architecture and Planning Library's Check Out and Information Desk. Please be aware that there can be several weeks delay before Rowe and Moore Collection materials are available for viewing in the library.

During the 2010 summer session, the Architecture and Planning Library initiated a number of projects to provide greater access to the content located in the library’s special collections. Supported by the John Green Taylor Endowment and through the generous service of volunteers, these projects promote special collections use by enhancing collection records and marketing its contents. Graduate students from a number of disciplines are currently working to identify individual collections, generate more comprehensive provenance notes, and develop web content that facilitates collection navigation. These projects are part of an ongoing effort to expose the rich and diverse materials held in the library’s special collections.

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