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There are many organizations who have developed excellent resources for consulting and study on the Web. Here is a selection, with brief descriptions of their publications and activities. Quoted phrases are excerpts from the organizations' own web sites.

Information and Granting Resources

Conservation OnLine (CoOL)

Conservation OnLine is a primary clearinghouse for conservation information on the Web, maintained by the Preservation Department of Stanford University Libraries. Of particular interest are: Conservation/Preservation Information for the General Public (a well-organized selection of educational materials for the lay reader available on the Web); an excellent compliation of links on Disaster Preparedness and Response (including model plans and resources on the Web); and the links “Conservation Topics” and “Finding People” off the site's home page.
Council on Library and Information Resources
CLIR activities include research, publications, grants, international cooperation and task forces on library and information issues.“CLIR's agenda embraces the entire range of information resources and services, from traditional library and archival materials to emerging digital formats, and the entire network of organizations that gather, catalog, store, preserve, distribute, and provide access to information.”
The Institute of Museum and Library Services
IMLS is a federal agency that supports the activities of museum and library organizations, whether self-administered or part of a larger organization, with grants, research, publications and other resources. Ongoing grants include Conservation Project Support and the Conservation Assessment Program (for CAP, see Heritage Preservation on this page), and many more.
Heritage Preservation
Heritage Preservation has developed resources with other organizations such as the National Task Force on Emergency Response's Cultural Heritage Resources for Disaster Preparedness, Response, and Recovery and the Conservation Assessment Program (CAP). (“CAP provides noncompetitive grants for small and mid-sized museums to conduct general conservation assessments of their sites and collections.”)
“Heritage Preservation works to ensure the preservation of America's collective heritage. Our programs and publications provide advice and guidance on the proper care and maintenance of historic documents, books and archives, works of art, photographs, architecture, monuments, anthropological artifacts, historic objects, natural science specimens and family heirlooms. We work with our members÷the nation's leading museums, libraries and archives, historic preservation organizations, and historical societies÷to inform the public of the need to preserve our collective heritage.”
The National Archives and Records Administration
NARA publishes general advice, publications and guidelines for archives administration and preservation in print and on the Web. They have developed an excellent FAQs page with questions and answers across record types. Of particular interest are an extensive listing of Archives and Preservation Resources, and suggestions for reformatting unstable office records such as may exist in architectural archives and manuscript collections.
National Trust for Historic Preservation (NTHP)
“NTHP is committed to saving America's diverse historic environments and to preserving and revitalizing the livability of its communities.” The National Trust are an excellent resource for grants and information on Historic Preservation of buildings, environments and monuments.


Preservation Support Organizations  

AMIGOS Library Services, Inc. - Imaging & Preservation Services
From their website - “Imaging & Preservation Services is a non-profit, grant-funded service which provides preservation information, support and training to librarians and archivists in the Southwestern U.S., [....] Today, IPS provides information, disaster planning and recovery assistance, training and site surveys, as well as developing state and local cooperative networks and serving as an advocate for preservation regionally and nationally.” In particular, AMIGOS is an excellent resource for basic preservation information, training, site surveys, disaster planning/response and digital imaging. They have developed excellent tools on their website, including lists of imaging and preservation resources and a variety of pamphlets on preservation topics.
Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts (CCAHA)
CCAHA is a regional conservation center in Philadelphia, PA. They sponsored the Architectural Records Conference (May 3 through 5, 2000) and the Architectural Records Symposium: Managing and Preserving Design Records (July 16-17, 2007) and have published the proceedings on the Web.
Northeast Document Conservation Center
NEDCC is a "nonprofit, regional conservation center [....]Its mission is to improve the preservation programs of libraries, archives, museums, and other historical and cultural organizations." Their main services include collections treatment, consultation and education through publications and outreach programs. NEDCC has useful tools and publications available for viewing and purchase.
Regional Alliance for Preservation (RAP)
RAP is a membership network of Preservation Field Service programs and Regional Conservation Centers (ARCC). “The mission [...] is to provide comprehensive preservation information to cultural institutions and the public throughout the United States.” RAP does not provide direct service, but their website can direct you to local regional members.

Professional Organizations

The American Institute for Conservation
The A.I.C. is a membership body for professional conservators. AIC publishes the Journal of the American Institute for Conservation, hosts annual conferences, provides information about conservation and referral services for the public.
Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA)
“...membership includes architecture and art librarians, visual resources professionals, artists, curators, educators, publishers, and others interested in visual arts information.” ARLIS/NA supports chapters, conferences, publications and the ARLIS-L list-serv.
Committee for the Preservation of Architectural Records (COPAR)
COPAR is a national advocacy and action effort supported by regional COPAR chapters (Committees for the Preservation of Architectural Records.)
The Society of Architectural Historians (SAH)
“SAH and its members invite the support and active participation of all who share our interest in architecture -- past, present, and future. Founded in 1940, the Society encourages scholarly research in the field and promotes the preservation of significant architectural monuments that are an integral part of our worldwide historical and cultural heritage.”
Society of American Archivists
The Architectural Records Roundtable of SAA “supports the preservation of architectural, engineering, landscaping, and construction records and brings together care-givers to discuss the storage, conservation, arrangement, and description problems inherent in specialized records.” SAA is a membership organization and the ARR convenes at SAA annual meetings. SAA supports the Museum Archives Section Electronic Mailing List (SAAMUS-LIST) and the Visual Materials Section Cataloging and Access Roundtable (VMCAR) and its VisualMat Listserv.





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