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(Rev. 8/24/2006. For the most up-to-date information consult individual sources.)

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ArchiveGrid (formerly RLG Archival Resources)

This web-based service provides a powerful search engine and clearinghouse to archival repositories and their holdings world wide. In a way, it is one-stop shopping for archival research. In a single effort, users can search their topics across all contributing archival finding aids and access contact information for individual repositories immediately. This is the unparalleled reference source for authoritative archival research. ArchiveGrid includes the following features: bibliographic records are combined with the finding aids in the search results list; all words in the bibliographic records are searchable regardless of what field they are in; a link to site contact information is provided for each record; and the ability to refine your search result to a particular archive, either by geographic location or archive name.

WorldCat [database]. Dublin, Ohio: OCLC. Updated daily.

Bibliographic descriptions and cataloging information for over 36 million books, manuscripts, and other types of sources. The searcher can limit a search to manuscript collections only. Ask a reference librarian at your library if you have access to this extremely valuable database.

AMC File [online database].

This database includes over 400,000 descriptions of archival and manuscript collections from institutions around the world.

UT Access:

Available through UT Library Online. Use advanced search and limit by "Archival and Mixed Collections".

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Subject headings: Archives--United States--Directories.

Manuscripts--United States--Union lists--Periodicals.

Library of Congress. Manuscript Division--Catalogs--Indexes.

National Archives (U.S.)--Catalogs--Indexes.

Archives--United States--Catalogs--Indexes.

Manuscripts--United States--Catalogs-Indexes.


Updated annually. Directory of archives and manuscript collections in the United States with descriptions of a repository's holdings. Repository records include phone and fax numbers, hours of service, materials solicited, email and home page URLs when available. Each collection record links to its corresponding repository record. Integrates records from NUCMC (National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections), 1959-1995; NIDS (National Inventory of Documentary Sources in the United States); and Directory of Archives and Manuscript Repositories in the United States (1996). The NUCMC and NIDS information has been combined to provide a single record for each collection, with detailed information drawn from both resources when available. A product of ProQuest Information and Learning Company.

UT Access: Available through UT Library Online. The three sources listed above (DAMRUS, NUCMC, and NIDS) are available at UT, and should be individually consulted.

DAMRUS (Directory of Archives and Manuscript Repositories in the United States)

UT Access:

Directory of archives and manuscript repositories in the United States. 2nd ed. Phoenix 1988.

Holdings information (call number CD 3020 D49 1988):

  • PCL Stacks (two copies: Circulating and USE IN LIBRARY ONLY)
  • PCL Reference Dept USE IN LIBRARY ONLY
  • Benson Coll. Latin Am. Reference USE IN LIBRARY ONLY

Directory of archives and manuscript repositories in the United States. United States. National Historical Publications and Records Commission Washington, 1978.

Holdings information (call number CD 3020 U54 1978):

  • PCL Stacks (Circulating copy)
  • Center for American History USE IN LIBRARY ONLY
  • Benson Collection Rare Books Reference USE IN LIBRARY ONLY
  • LAW CD 3020 U54 1978 Law Library Reference USE IN LIBRARY ONLY (Consult TALLONS Law Library Catalog)

NUCMC (National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections)

The NUCMC site provides information about the catalog as well as:

  • finding aids and information about holdings, products, and services of other parts of the Library of Congress of particular interest to the archival and manuscript community
  • resources of archives and manuscript repositories other than the Library of Congress
  • professional archival organizations and archival education
  • electronic discussion groups and periodicals
  • bibliographic utilities such as OCLC, RLIN, and WLN
  • grants, scholarships, employment opportunities, and other financial opportunities
  • preservation and conservation issues
  • SGML, EAD, and its use by the archival profession
  • free access to RLIN's AMC database, and more (description taken from Archival Internet Resources).

This directory, which is based upon reports from American repositories of manuscripts, began publication with 1959/61 and ceased with index 1991-1993 in paper. Records were then only submitted electronically into the RLIN AMC bibliographic database (available via the NUCMC web site).

Paper indexes include: 1959-62. 1 v.; 1963-65 in 1965; 1963-66 in 1966; 1967-68 in 1968; 1967-69 in 1969; 1970-74 in 1974; 1975-76 in 1976. Cumulative indexes include every second, third, and/or fourth year (1959/62 issued separately in 1 v.)

Volumes for 1959-62 were compiled and edited by the Library of Congress and the Descriptive Cataloging Division of the Library of Congress; by the Manuscripts Section, Descriptive Cataloging Division. Volumes for 1959/61 were published in Ann Arbor, Mich., by J.W. Edwards; 1962 in Hamden, Conn., by Shoe String Press. Electronic cataloging starts with volumes 1986/87 to 1993 is also available in the RLIN AMC file, but the cataloging in the earlier volumes is not currently available in machine- readable form. Publisher ProQuest Information and Learning Company has made NUCMC cataloging through 1997 available in its publication, ArchivesUSA. It has also published an Index to Personal Names in the National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections, 1959-1984 (2 v., 1988), and an Index to Subjects and Corporate Names in the National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections, 1959-1984 (3 v., 1994).

UT Access:

The National union catalog of manuscript collections. / Washington / 1961-1993.


  • PCL Stacks -Q- Z 105 N38 1975
  • PCL Reference Dept -Q- Z 105 N38 1959-61 through 1993 USE IN LIBRARY ONLY
  • Z 106 N385 HRC REF Reference USE IN LIBRARY ONLY
  • Center for American History Reference Collection Z 105 N38 1959-61 through 1993 USE IN LIBRARY ONLY

NIDS (National Inventory of Documentary Sources in the United States)

Provides access to finding aids for over 400 repositories (over 54,000 collections) that have contributed to the NIDS US project. The cataloging and indexing of these finding aids are published on microfiche, COM microfiche, and on DC-ROM. Currently published by ProQuest Information and Learning. Each index is divided into two parts: List of finding aids; Names and subject index. Contents: pt. 1. Federal records -- pt. 2. Manuscript Division, Library of Congress -- pt. 3. State libraries, state archives, and state historical societies -- pt. 4. Academic and research libraries and other repositories.

UT Access:

National inventory of documentary sources in the United States. / Teaneck, NJ / 1983-


  • MCFICHE 9564 Microforms PCL Level 1 USE IN LIBRARY ONLY

    Accompanied by index on microfiche. Library also has a guide -- How to use the National Inventory of Documentary Sources in the United States in your research -- on the Microforms Index Tables at MCFICHE 9564 GUIDE.

National inventory of documentary sources in the United States. Index. / (Teaneck, N.J.) / 1988-

  • MCFICHE 9564 INDEX PT.1-2 and PT.3-4 Index Tables Microforms PCL Level 1 USE IN LIBRARY ONLY

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UT Alexander Architectural Archive


Administrative reference files with biographical as well as other information regarding Texas architects (whether we have their collection or not). See TARO entry below for listing of holdings and archival finding aids.

Texas Archival Resources Online (TARO)

Texas Archival Resources Online makes descriptions of the rich archival, manuscript, and museum collections in repositories across the state available to the public. The finding aids on the TARO site do not represent descriptions of the entire holdings of any of the repositories. For more information or to find out how to contact the staff, follow the links to each institution on the site. Future phases of the project will incorporate digital surrogates of many types of collection materials, including images of documents and objects, sound files, and moving images, but the initial content of the database consists of the collection descriptions or "finding aids" that archives, libraries, and museums create to assist users in locating information in their collections.

Texas Committee for the Preservation of Architectural Records (TxCOPAR)

TxCOPAR is a clearing house for holdings of architectural records of or by Texas architects. It is also a resource for sharing expertise in managing and preserving architectural records. TxCOPAR is administered by the University of Texas Alexander Architectural Archive.

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Archival Internet Resources

UNESCO Archives Portal (see description above)

Copyright Term and the Public Domain in the United States, 1 January 2006, by Peter B. Hirtle, Cornell Copyright Information Center.

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