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Textbook and Curriculum

I. Purpose:
To support present and anticipated training of teachers in all school subjects (grades k-12); to support research at graduate and post-graduate levels in the field of education, and additionally to support specific research projects in history, social sciences, and the humanities; and to provide resource materials to assist in preparation, selection, and comparison of textbooks and curriculum plans.

II. General Collection Guidelines:
A. Languages: English is the primary language of the collection, except that materials in Spanish useful in the state bilingual education program are collected selectively. Elementary and secondary level textbooks published in any subject and language will, however, be accepted as gifts for their historical and research value. A limited number of texts for English as a second language are acquired.

B. Chronological Guidelines:
  1. The historical selection of the collection consist of textbooks published prior to 1900. Generally, no attempt is made to search out additional 18th or 19th century textbooks, but gifts of books for which no copies are already in the collection are accepted.
  2. The current section of the collection consists of textbooks submitted for adoption by the State of Texas, supplementary books, and curriculum guides. Of textbooks submitted for adoption, one copy of each text adopted and one copy of each text not adopted are provided to the collection by the Texas Education Agency. Second copies of heavily used texts are also purchased. When the Texas Education Agency does not provide certain texts, they are purchased using the Henderson Fund.

C. Geographical Guidelines: Textbooks currently in adoption, or being considered for adoption, by the State of Texas for use in public schools are acquired comprehensively. Available curriculum guides of the Texas Education Agency and the Austin Independent School District are also acquired comprehensively. Those of other Texas school districts and from other states are acquired selectively. Textbooks, regardless of place of publication, are accepted as gifts for historical and comparative purposes.

D. Treatment of subject: Textbooks in all subjects, grades K-12, in both student and teacher editions are collected as are teachers' guides of manuals to the textbooks. Workbooks to accompany textbooks are acquired only incidentally. Supplementary readers are acquired selectively. Curriculum guides for all subjects (grades K-12) are collected. No college level textbooks are acquired.

E. Types of Materials: The collection consists of books, curriculum guides, and supplementary books such as readers.

F. Date of Publication: Usually only the most recent editions of publications are purchased. However, earlier editions of textbooks may be purchased to replace lost books which are part of a series. Generally, out-of-print editions are not sought, although they are welcomed as gifts to the historical section of the collection.

G. Other General Considerations: The historical section of this collection is an important resource for the study of the history of education and social history. It is maintained in the Collections Deposit Library.

Materials in the Textbook and Curriculum Collection are not inter-shelved with other books on education. Reference materials on audiovisual and teaching materials including catalogs of free and inexpensive materials, bibliographies of materials on particular topics, and equipment directories are available in the Reference Collection. Craft and activities books and journals are also acquired selectively fort the Perry-Casteneda Library.

Other collections and libraries of The University with holdings related to textbooks and curricula include those of the Instructional Materials Center and the Learning Abilities Center in the College of Education; and the "Y" Collection, Library Science Collection, and Fine Arts Library.

Other collections in the Austin area with related holdings include the Austin Independent School District's Instructional Materials Center and the Texas Education Agency Library.

III. Observations and Qualifications by Subject and LC Class:

Subject LC Class Location CDP [NCIP] Collection Level Bibliographer
Textbooks, Grades K-12 - - C Education
Except: Textbooks Submitted For Adoption By State Of Texas - - D Education
Curriculum Guides, Grades K-12 - - C Education
Except: Curriculum Guides Of Texas, Austin Independent School District - - D Education
Materials For Bilingual Education, And English As A Second Language (See also Mexican American Library Program statement and Center for American History) - - C Education
Supplementary Readers - - A Education

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