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Materials Requiring Special Protection Policy

The University of Texas Libraries maintains two collections for rare materials, one in the Center for American History and one in the Benson Latin American Collection. Additionally, the Humanities Research Center functions as a repository for certain types of materials originally acquired by The University of Texas Libraries. Finally, a secure area (Main-Z) is maintained for the University of Texas Libraries materials which, though not necessarily rare, may be scarce, extremely valuable or vulnerable, or which may for other reasons require special protection.

Branches also may maintain small, secure areas for such materials. Occasionally, materials which may be defined as rare are retained in Main-Z because of their reference value to the general collection and a working copy is desired for Main. Rare or potentially rare materials are located in the Center for American History and the Benson Latin American Collection primarily on the basis of subject matter, as detailed in the Collection Development Policy. Similarly, rare or potentially rare materials known to be appropriate to special subject collections in the Humanities Research Center may be offered to the Center. Lacking subject emphasis suitable for these special collections imprint alone may form the basis for location in Barker, Benson or the Humanities Research Center.

The location for new materials requiring special protection is designated by the appropriate bibliographer, considering criteria in the Collection Development Policy and in this policy. However, catalogers will also identify miniature books, limited editions and volumes or portfolios containing unbound plates for appropriate special protection locations. Barker and Benson bibliographers assign specific rare designations (e.g. TXC-Z or LAC-ZZ) within their own collections, and branch bibliographers determine which materials will be maintained in secure areas of their own collections.

In addition to library users, University of Texas Libraries staff of the Humanities Research Center staff may identify potential transfers from branches, the general stacks, or Main-Z to Main-Z, Barker, Benson or the Humanities Research Center. This is accomplished by means of a Transfer Request Form (or special arrangements for bulk transfers). which is reviewed and approved by appropriate bibliographers for both collections and by the Associate Director for Research Services. When approving the transfer of materials out of a collection, bibliographers consider whether replacement with a different hard copy edition of microform is appropriate. The three following lists address categories of materials requiring special protection and their locations.

List 1: Rare Materials

When imprint alone forms the basis for location, the following guidelines are used: Center for American History
Humanities Research Center
Benson Latin American Collection
List 2: Potentially Rare or Scarce Materials
Books from this category may be located in the Center for American History, the Benson Latin American Collection, the Humanities Research Center, Main-Z or branch secure areas. For transfers the normal procedure is followed, i.e. books in this category are reviewed by bibliographers from both locations before the transfer is effected.

List 3: Materials Requiring Special Protection
Materials in this category are generally not rare but should be located in a secure area. Subject bibliographers review any recommendations for relocation, with relocations to Main-Z requiring a Transfer Request Form.

"Transfer" as used here refers to relocation to a secure area. However, it does not necessarily imply total revision of all bibliographic records. The method to be used for indication changes on bibliographic records for such materials is not addressed in this policy

When such illustrations are found in a serial volume in Main, that specific volume can be charged to HRC - P; however the title will not be transferred in its entirety.

Based on Historical Records Survey, American Imprints Inventory; A manual of Procedure. 1938

Recommended by Harold W. Billings, Nancy McAdams and Gary Menges, July 29, 1974. Approved b y Department Heads, August 7, 1974. Revised and recommended by the Collection Development Committee, August 6, 1982. Reviewed and revised by the Administrative Group, January 25, 1983. Agreed to by the Humanities Research Center, February 23, 1983. Approved by Harold W. Billings, February 25, 1983.

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