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Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs Library

BIBLIOGRAPHER: Stephen Littrell
ADDRESS: Public Affairs Library, SRH 3.243
PHONE: 495-4401
I. Purpose:
To support teaching and research through the doctoral level, and secondarily, to serve the needs of public officials. This special collection is interdisciplinary; in-depth collecting in some specialized areas may be sporadic to meet curriculum needs. Major interest areas are public administration, public finance, public health, social welfare and service delivery systems, and international trade and development.

II. General Collection Guidelines:
A. Languages: English is the primary language of collection. Material may be collected in modern foreign languages if not available in English translations. b. Chronological Guidelines: Emphasis is on contemporary affairs, but in areas such as labor and welfare policy, economic policy, international affairs, public health, and public administration, materials dealing with earlier periods are acquired. Materials from the 1960's and generally from the Lyndon B. Johnson period are acquired as funds permit.

C. Geographical Guidelines: Strong emphasis on USA, national to local level. Texas and major U.S. urbanized areas represent greatest concentration of local government interests. Strong interest in the Western Hemisphere; but items dealing exclusively with Latin America are examined to avoid excessive duplication with the Benson Latin American Collection. In international policy and economic relations collection interest is worldwide with emphasis on relations of USA, Western Europe and the Western Hemisphere.

D. Treatment of Subject: Introductory and juvenile works are not normally collected. Biographies of public figures, upper-level textbooks and manuals intended for practitioners, are collected extensively. Popular treatments are selectively collected where they represent interest groups, policy directions or practical applications. Basic legal materials emphasizing regulation and state administrative codes and regulations, including U.S. Statutes and Codes and Vernon's Texas Statutes and Codes, are collected. Municipal codes and regulations are acquired selectively. Casebooks are limited to the Supreme Court Reporter and Southwestern Reporter - Texas Cases with the possible exception of municipal law.

E. Types of Materials: Commercial publications are acquired selectively. Government documents, maps, reference compilations, loose-leaf services, working papers, proceedings, reports and annual reports of private and quasi-public foundations or citizen groups are collected. A limited number of dissertations, microfilm, microfiche and other media are solicited or purchased. All theses and publications of the LBJ School of Public Affairs and its faculty members are acquired. Pamphlets and other ephemera containing factual information or expressing viewpoints not readily available from other sources are acquired.

F. Date of Publication: Current publications are emphasized. Retrospective purchasing is selective.

G. Other General Considerations: The emphasis if first on materials directly supporting the curriculum, and secondarily on long-term interest areas of the library, including research interests of endowed chairs. Primary source materials such as official documents produced by all levels of governments (including international bodies) are preferred over secondary sources. In-depth coverage of documents from foreign countries is not attempted. Documents of international policy-making or policy advisory bodies are collected selectively. Effort is made to avoid extensive duplications of Benson Latin American Collection materials. Purchases of reference materials are tailored to meet most frequent needs of researchers using the collection. The collection relies on other campus libraries for extensive biographical information and topical indexes in areas outside of the social sciences.

The library is a selective depository of U.S. government documents and maintains a broad-based collection of primary sources obtained throughout this program. Documents are acquired very selectively in the areas of applied natural science and technology. Although not officially a depository of international documents, the library acquires documents relating to international economic relations, trade and development from a variety of international agencies including the United Nations, OECD, OPEC and similar groups. Texas state documents, documents from other states, and municipal documents are collected intensively where relevant to major collecting areas.

Except for materials on public administration, the primary location for subjects listed below under "Observations and Qualifications by Subject Subdivision" is the Perry-Castañeda Library. The LBJ School of Public Affairs Library collects materials in these subjects which relate to policy-making and planning.

III. Observations and Qualifications by Subject and LC Class:

Subject LC Class Location CDP [NCIP] Collection Level Bibliographer
Public Administration:Primary emphasis on U.S., but interest is world-wide. - - E Public Affairs
Public Finance: governmental auditing, budgeting, accounting and taxation policy. - - C Business, Public Affairs
Government Services Police, fire, libraries, roads, transport, water supply, etc. - - C Public Affairs
Public Health & Public Health Services: Especial emphasis on economic and organizational aspects. - - C Nursing, Public Affairs
Social Welfare & Social Services - - C Social Work, Public Affairs
International Economic Relations: Commodities trade, trade and development policy, foreign assistance, role of UN and other governmental bodies (partially to support the Dean Rusk Chair). - - C Public Affairs
International policy: Foreign affairs and peace-conflict issues such as disarmament (to support the Slick professorship) - - C Public Affairs
Energy: Emphasis on economics and policy - - C Public Affairs
Natural Resources: Concentrates on the United States policy and on economics of resource development. - - C Public Affairs
Planning: Emphasis on U.S. urban areas and regional planning. - - C Public Affairs
Economics: Selective purchasing will emphasize policy and planning aspects, practical applications will be preferred over theoretical treatises. - - C Economics, Public Affairs
Statistics - - A Public Affairs
Operations Research - - A Public Affairs
Engineering: To support the joint degree program with the College of Engineering in the area of civil engineering, production management, risk policy and risk analysis, science and technology policy, environmental engineering, water supply. Will be primarily policy, planning and implementation rather than technical design. - - C Engineering, Public Affairs
Business Emphasis on regulation, labor and economic policy. Support is provided for the joint degree program with the Graduate School of Business Administration. - - C Business, Public Affairs

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