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I. Purpose:
To supply the nursing literature needed to support teaching and research through the doctoral level. Interest in material on nursing centers in the School of Nursing, but students and faculty in other University schools and colleges also use the material both academically and as consumers of health care.

II. General Collection Guidelines:

A. Languages: English is the primary language of collection: Works originally written in languages other than English are rarely purchased and only in English translation.

B. Chronological Guidelines: Primary emphasis is on 20th century, but no period is excluded.

C. Geographical Guidelines: Primary emphasis is on nursing in the United States, with secondary emphasis on nursing as practiced in the major countries of the British Commonwealth.

D. Treatment of Subject: Historical materials dealing with the development of the practice of nursing are collected extensively, as are biographies and autobiographies of nurses and other health care workers. Materials dealing with the legal aspects of nursing are collected broadly; popular treatments are purchased selectively. Upper level textbooks are acquired extensively.

E. Types of Material: Included are encyclopedias, directories, dictionaries of nursing the proceedings of nursing institutes and conferences, and selectively, theses and dissertations from other institutions. Pertinent local, state, and federal government documents are acquired, as are the publications of professional organizations such as the National League of Nursing, the American NursesŐ Association, and the International Council of Nurses.

F. Date of Publication: Emphasis is on current publications. Older works are rarely purchased and are generally publications. Older works are rarely purchased and are generally added to the collection only when they illustrate historical development of a nursing field, including the practice of nursing, or meet specific teaching or research needs.

G. Other General Considerations: The interdisciplinary nature of the health professions makes it necessary for students of nursing to become acquainted with a wide variety of subjects, such as the biological sciences, pharmacy, medicine, chemistry, psychology, sociology, social work, child development, nutrition, education, community planning, public policy, communications and business. They must, therefore, draw upon a wide variety of the resources of The University of Texas Libraries, as well as those of other libraries on the University campus such as the Tarlton Law Library: Jamail Center for Legal Research, the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health Library, and the Population Research Center. Off-campus libraries may provide duplicate or additional material. They include:
  • Austin Community College, Allied Health Sciences Library: Supplementary nursing books, journals, and pamphlets, and allied health and hospital literature.
  • Austin State Hospital, Medical Library: Supplementary materials on psychiatric nursing and community mental health.
  • Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation, Central Office Library: Supplementary materials on psychiatric and mental health nursing.
  • Library of the Texas Medical Association, Memorial Library: Materials in all areas of clinical medicine. Fees for use of the library by individuals may be for one-time use, or on a monthly on annual basis; for groups the annual fee depends upon group size.
  • University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio Library: Materials on public health and clinical medicine, and supplementary materials on nursing.

III. Observations and Qualifications by Subject and LC Class:

Subject LC Class Location CDP[NCIP] Collecting Level Bibliographer
Nursing: Includes Nursing History And Education: Nursing As A Profession. RT PCL (MAIN) C (4) Nursing
Exceptions: Practical Nursing RT 62 - Excluded (0) -
Practical Nursing Education RT 82.5 - Excluded (0) -
Associate Degree Nurses RT 82.4 PCL (MAIN) A (2) Nursing
Microbiology for Nurses QR 46 Life Science C (3) Nursing
Specialties in Nursing: Poliomyelitis Nursing RC 180.8 Life Science A (2) Nursing
Cancer Nursing RC 266 Life Science C (3) Nursing
Tuberculosis Nursing RC 311.8 Life Science C (3) Nursing
Neurological Nursing RC 350.5 PCL (MAIN) C (3) Nursing
Psychiatric Nursing RC 440 PCL (MAIN) C (4) Nursing
Cardiovascular Disease Nursing RC 674 PCL (MAIN) C (3) Nursing
Respiratory Disease Nursing RC 735.5 Life Science C (3) Nursing
Urological Nursing RC 884.7 PCL (MAIN) C (4) Nursing
Geriatric Nursing RC 954 LIfe Science C (4) Nursing
Industrial Nursing RC 966 PCL (MAIN) A (2) Nursing
Aviation Nursing RC 1097 PCL (MAIN) A (2) Nursing
Operating Room Nursing RD 32.3 PCL (MAIN) C (3) Nursing
Surgical Nursing RD 97 PCL (MAIN) C (3) Nursing
Orthopedic Nursing RD 753 PCL (MAIN) C (3) Nursing
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Nursing RE 88 PCL (MAIN) C (3) Nursing
Gynecological Nursing RG 105 PCL (MAIN) C (4) Nursing
Obstetric Nursing RG 951 PCL (MAIN) C (4) Nursing
Pediatric Nursing RJ 245 PCL (MAIN) C (4) Nursing
Dental Nursing RK 605 - Excluded (0) -
Dermatologic Nursing RK 125 Life Science C (3) Nursing
Pharmacology for Nurses RM 125 PCL (MAIN) C (3) Nursing
Physical Therapy for Nurses RM 700 PCL (MAIN) C (3) Nursing
Army Nurses and Nursing UH 490-495 PCL (MAIN) A (2) Nursing
Navy Nurses and Nursing VG 350-355
PCL (MAIN) A (2) Nursing

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