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Susan Macicak,
Collection Development Officer

Merry Burlingham,
Chief Bibliographer

Carolyn Cunningham,
Collection Administration Librarian

Mary Rader,
Global Studies Coordinator

Dale Correa,
Middle Eastern Studies Librarian

Bonnie Brown Real,
Collection and Consortia Assessment Coordinator

Lexie Thompson Young,
UT System Licensing Coordinator

Emilie Algenio,
Consortia Resources Coordinator

Lisa Aguilar,
Library Specialist


I. Purpose:
To supply the medical literature needed to support teaching and research through the doctoral level in the fields of Biological Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, Nursing, Pharmacy, Physical and Health Education, Psychology, Special Education and Speech.

II. General Collection Guidelines:
A. Languages: Virtually all material is in English

B. Chronological Guidelines: Emphasis on current practice.

C. Geographical Guidelines: Primary interest is on practice in the Unites States, with secondary interest in Canadian and European medicine. Medical material on Latin America is included in the statement for the Benson Latin American Collection. Material on non-Western systems of medicine will be acquired selectively.

D. Treatment of Subject: Material of a historical nature is included in the History of Science Statement. Popular treatments will not normally be acquired.

E. Types of Materials: Includes encyclopedias, dictionaries, directories, atlases of anatomy, the proceedings of medical conferences, congresses and symposia, and government publications. Theses and dissertations will not be purchased.

F. Date of Publication: Emphasis is on recent publications.

G. Other General Considerations: A further source, the Library of the Texas Medical Association, is available to faculty but not to students. Biomedical Engineering is included in the Engineering Statement. Pharmacology is in the Pharmacy Statement.

III. Observations and Qualifications by Subject and LC Class:

Subject LC Class Location CDP [NCIP] Collection Level Bibliographer
General Works: concerning drug therapy will be emphasized for applicable topics. (See also Pharmacy Statement.) - - C Nursing, Pharmacy
General Medicine: Includes Medical Ethics, Medical Education, and Folk Medicine. - - C Nursing, Biological Sciences
Alternate Systems of Medicine: Thomsonian, Electric Homopathic, etc. - - Excluded -
Dentistry: - - Excluded -
Dermatology: - - A Nursing, Biological Sciences
Geriatrics: - - C Nursing, Biological Sciences
Gynecology and Obstetrics: - - C Nursing, Biological Sciences
Internal Medicine: Includes infectious and parasitic diseases; neoplasmic diseases; cardiology; the study of blood and the blood-forming organs. - - C Nursing, Biological Sciences
Non-Western Systems of Medicine: - - A Nursing, Biological Sciences
Ophthalmology: - - A Biological Sciences
Otorhinolaryngology: Aspects related to auditory and speech pathology are in the Speech Communication statement. - - A Biological Sciences
Pathology: Clinical and experimental pathology are emphasized - - C Nursing, Biological Sciences
Pediatrics: - - C Nursing, Biological Sciences
Psychiatry: - - C Psychology
Public Aspects of Medicine: Includes regulatory statutes and legislation, and statistics. For health care delivery systems, see the Statements for Nursing (community health) and Engineering (environmental health engineering) and Social Work. - - C Social Work, Nursing, Biological Sciences
Sports Medicine: - - A Kinesiology and Health Education/td>
Surgery: - - A Nursing, Biological Sciences

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