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Merry Burlingham,
Chief Bibliographer

Carolyn Cunningham,
Collection Administration Librarian

Mary Rader,
Global Studies Coordinator

Dale Correa,
Middle Eastern Studies Librarian

Bonnie Brown Real,
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Lexie Thompson Young,
UT System Licensing Coordinator

Emilie Algenio,
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Lisa Aguilar,
Library Specialist

Marine Science

I. Purpose:
The Marine Science Library supports both original and applied research programs in marine science. It must meet the needs of the teaching program for the Department of Marine Science (a multi-disciplinary program with emphasis in the fields of botany, biochemistry, marine chemistry, geochemistry, geology, mariculture, physiology, oceanography, and zoology) through the Ph.D. level. The library will collect both published and unpublished Gulf of Mexico literature, including its estuarine and brackish water ecosystems.

II. General Collection Guidelines:
A. Languages: English is the preferred (primary) language in the collection. Publications in languages other than Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish will require English translations. Textbooks and popular works are acquired in English only.

B. Chronological Guidelines: Emphasis is primarily on the twentieth century and current scholarship.

C. Geographical Guidelines: Generally worldwide with emphasis on Gulf of Mexico and its estuarine communities.

D. Treatment of Subject: Textbooks are purchased selectively. Monographic publications must reflect current research programs and graduate student emphasis. Publications from primary societies (e.g. American Fisheries Society, etc.) are actively selected.

E. Types of Materials: The collection includes selected publications of conferences, symposia, workshops, congresses, and atlases. Technical reports, government documents, thesis and dissertations are generally included. Emphasis is on current journal literature. Non-print media include microforms, videos, and specimen.

F. Date of Publication: Primarily the last ten years, although some earlier works may be acquired.

G. Other General Considerations: General marine science reference tools and general science methods relevant to marine science (e.g. standards methods) will be collected.

The library committee, senior scientists and faculty will keep the bibliographer informed about their changing research and teaching needs.

Within each classification there will be some general and specific marine science publications. These titles will selectively be collected.

III. Observations and Qualifications by Subject and LC Class:

Academic and Learned Societies International Associations, Congresses, Conferences, etc. AS - Marine Science
Geography (General) G 1-9980 - Marine Science
Mathematical Geography GA - Marine Science
Physical Geography GB 1-2998 - Marine Science
Language (Dictionaries, Directories) P: PA-PZ - Marine Science
Science (General) Q - Marine Science
Mathematics QA 76,273-939 - Marine Science
Astronomy (As applied to Marine Science, tides, etc.) QB 1-991 - Marine Science
Physics QC 1-999 - Marine Science
Chemistry QD 1-999 - Marine Science
Geology QE 1-996 - Marine Science
Natural History QH 1-671 - Marine Science
Botany QK 1-938 - Marine Science
Zoology QL 1-991 - Marine Science
Physiology QP 1-981 - Marine Science
Microbiology QR 1-484 - Marine Science
Toxicology (Public aspects of Medicine) RA 1190-1270 - Marine Science
Pathology RB - Marine Science
Therapeutics, Pharmacology RM 1-862 - Marine Science
Agriculture (General) S - Marine Science
Plant Culture SB - Marine Science
Animal Culture SF - Marine Science
Aquaculture, Fisheries, Angling SH - Marine Science
Technology (Limited to Marine Application) T-TZ - Marine Science
Bibliography Z 1001-8999 - Marine Science

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