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I. Purpose:
To support teaching and research through the doctoral level in the fields of: American government and politics, comparative government and politics, international relations, and political theory.

The primary interest in these fields naturally resides in the Government Department itself; however, faculty and students elsewhere on campus have related interests. Social Science methodology is an area of strong interest to sociologists, psychologists, and economists, as well as to political scientists. Courses in research method, statistics, measurement techniques, and computer applications to research are shared by these departments and they are served by the same library materials. Political scientists and historians have many overlapping interests, particularly in 20th century politics and international affairs. Students and faculty in the Law School and in the LBJ School of Public Affairs have some interests related to those found in the Government Department, but these groups are served for the most part by the libraries in their respective schools, and in consequence some duplication of widely used materials is inevitable.

II. General Collection Guidelines:
A. Languages: English will be the most commonly collected language. Materials in German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Latin, Russian, and selected eastern European languages will be purchased for some aspects of comparative government and politics, political theory, and international relations. Spanish and Portuguese materials originating in Latin American will be more intensely collected than materials in the same languages originating in Spain and Portugal. A limited body of contemporary materials in Chinese and Japanese is also required. Works published originally in languages other than those mentioned above will, for the most part, be purchased only in English translation.

B. Chronological Guidelines: Although there is an emphasis on contemporary affairs, certain areas, such as comparative government and politics, international relations, and political theory, will require materials dealing with earlier periods.

C. Geographical Guidelines: There is a strong emphasis on American government and politics from t he national to the local level. Strong interests also exist for Latin America, Great Britain, the Commonwealth (especially Canada, Australia, and India), western Europe, eastern Europe and the U.S.S.R., the Middle East, East Asia and South Asia. Africa is an area of growing interest on campus.

D. Treatment of Subject: Juvenile materials and introductory textbooks will not ordinarily be purchased. Biographies of political figures will be collected broadly.

E. Types of Materials: Society publications and the transactions and proceedings of conferences will be collected extensively. Theses and dissertations from other institutions will be acquired in limited numbers. Microfilm and microfiche will be purchased selectively. Microforms should provide primary source material that is either unavailable or too expensive in "hard copy," such as state papers, periodical backfiles, etc.

F. Date of Publication: There will be an emphasis on current books.

G. Other General Considerations: These guidelines are written with the (PCL) Main Library collection in mind. There are, however, numerous other collections and libraries both on and off campus that are of interest to the faculty and students of the Government Department.

Within The University of Texas Libraries, the Documents Collection, the Benson Latin American Collection, the Center for American History, and the LBJ School of Public Affairs Library all have rich resources for research in political science.

Special collections of interest to political scientists in the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center include the Robert Payne Communism Collection, the C. Wright Mills Library, the Elias Tobenkin Library, the Gotham Book Mart Political Pamphlet Collection, the Philip Jaffe Political Science Collection, the Valentine-Roosevelt Collection, and the Grattan Collection of Southwest Pacificana.

Other collections of interest are the Population Research Center Library (international censuses, demographic materials), the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library (archives and oral history material relating to the Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Johnson administrations), the Tarlton Law Library: Jamail Center for Legal Research and the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (data tapes of election results and voting behavior). Other relevant resources in Austin include the Texas State Library (state archives and documents) and the Legislative Reference Library (state legislative archives and records).

III. Observations and Qualifications by Subject and LC Class:

Subject LC Class Location CDP [NCIP] Collection Level Bibliographer
General and Comparative: See Footnote 1 JF 8-2111 PCL C[3] Government
United States: See Footnote 2 JK 1-9501 PCL D[4] Government
Confederate States of America JK 9661-9993 PCL See Littlefield Collection Statement
Great Britain: See Footnote 3 JN 102-1129 PCL D[4] Government
Western Europe: See Footnote 4 JN 2303-3149;
JN 3203-4979;
JN 5003-6399;
JN 7001-9599
PCL C[3] Government
Eastern Europe and the U.S.S.R.: See Footnote 5 JN 1602-2289;
JN 6500-6769;
JN 9600-9799
PCL C[3] Government
Latin America - - - See Benson Latin American Collection Statement
The Middle East : See Footnote 6 JQ 1758-1852 PCL C[3] Government
Africa JQ 1900-3981 PCL B[3] Government
East Asia: See Footnote 7 JQ 1499-1755 PCL C[3] Government
South Asia: See Footnote 8 JQ 98-939 PCL C[3] Government
Australia and New Zealand JN 4000-5899 PCL C[3] Government
International Relations: See Footnote 9 JX 1305-1515;
JX 1542-1598;
JX 1705-1730;
JX 1781-1894;
JX 1901-1995
PCL C[3] Government
Political Theory: See Footnote 10 JC 101-628 PCL C[3] Government
Private International Law: See Footnote 11 JX 6009-6953 - [0] -
Public Law: See Footnote 12 JX 21-1299;
JX 2001-5771
PCL B[2] Government
Local Government: United States JS 301-1583 PCL C[3] Government
Local Government: Other Countries JS 1701-1819;
JS 3003-8429
A[1] PCL Government
Exception: Latin America - - - See Benson Latin American Collection Statement
Colonies and Colonization: See Footnote 13 JV 10-3399 PCL C[3] Government
Emigration and Immigration: See Footnote 14 JV 6008-9500 PCL C[3] Government
Laws and regulations: See Footnote 15 JV 6421-6429 PCL A[1] Government

Footnote 1:
Including political philosophy and culture Government and Politics; Constitutional History; Administration.

Footnote 2:
There are strong teaching and research interests in all aspects. Primary source material, such as congressional hearings, presidential papers, etc., will be purchased whenever possible.

Footnote 3:
Extensive holdings in primary research material (parliamentary papers, political party yearbooks, etc.) will be added to when possible.

Footnote 4:
Studies of western European governments will be purchased both in the languages of this area. See also Soviet and Eastern European Studies Statement.

Footnote 5:
With the exception of Russian, there will be little purchasing in the languages of this area. See also Soviet and Eastern European Studies Statement.

Footnote 6:
For materials in the vernacular, see the Middle Eastern Collection Statement.

Footnote 7:
For materials in the vernacular, see the Asian Collection Statement.

Footnote 8:
For materials in the vernacular see the Asian Collection Statement.

Footnote 9:
Includes legal aspects (e.g., non-statutory materials on international law, treaties, etc.). Except: JX 1516-1541; 1731-1780. See Benson Latin American Collection Statement.

Footnote 10:
The original text of the writings of important political theorists will be purchased, no matter what the language. In purchasing primary research materials, there is an emphasis on American, British, and European radical ideology, particularly as expressed in political party papers, radical periodicals, etc.

Footnote 11:
Tarlton Law Library: Jamail Center for Legal Research has collecting responsibility in this area.

Footnote 12:
Material will be bought selectively on constitutional law, the history of jurisprudence, and international and comparative law, with the Tarlton Law Library: Jamail Center for Legal Research retaining primary collecting responsibility. No sets of statues, codes, or the laws of specific countries will be purchased for the Perry-Castañeda Library with the exception of the U.S. Reports, the U.S. Code, the U.S. Code Annotated, the Southwestern Report (Texas), Annotated, the Texas Digest, Vernon's Texas Rules, and Vernon's Texas Civil Statutes, all of which are used for reference purposes in the Perry-Castañeda Library collection.

Footnote 13:
See Area Studies as appropriate.

Footnote 14:
See Area Studies as appropriate.

Footnote 15:
Will be acquired very selectively since that is the primary collecting responsibility of the Tarlton Law Library: Jamail Center for Legal Research. Except to South and Central America: See Benson Latin American Collection Statement. Except Documents: See U.S. Depository Documents Statement.

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