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Subject Specialist Directory

Susan Macicak,
Collection Development Officer

Merry Burlingham,
Chief Bibliographer

Carolyn Cunningham,
Collection Administration Librarian

Mary Rader,
Global Studies Coordinator

Dale Correa,
Middle Eastern Studies Librarian

Bonnie Brown Real,
Collection and Consortia Assessment Coordinator

Lexie Thompson Young,
UT System Licensing Coordinator

Emilie Algenio,
Consortia Resources Coordinator

Lisa Aguilar,
Library Specialist

Interim Electronic Collecting Policy

Electronic Formats Collection Policy:

The library will acquire materials in electronic format that meet our current general or subject collection policies. These materials are evaluated under the same guidelines as other formats, with additional consideration given to the technical aspects of the information delivery mechanism, the interface, the discovery and retrieval software, and any additional overhead costs in equipment or personnel required to deliver the information.

Additional factors to consider include:

As with other formats, electronic material should meet the same subject, chronological, geographical, language, subject treatment, and dates of publication guidelines; and the same standards of excellence, comprehensiveness, and authority that the library expects from all of its acquisitions. In addition, any licensing required for electronic formatted material should meet the guidelines suggested by the UT System Copyright Management Center for the licensing of software and databases. Because of the volatility of electronic formats, information delivery mechanisms, and pricing structures, all information in electronic format will be reviewed on a regular basis and is subject to change in retrieval software, interface, vendors, and information delivery mechanisms according to the best prudent practices of library collection management.

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