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I. Purpose:
To support teaching and research through the doctoral level in the following fields of education: curriculum and instruction, educational administration, educational psychology, physical and health education, and special education.

In addition to the support of teaching culminating in specific degrees, the College of Education curricula also provide the basis for legal certification for students who are preparing to teach but who are enrolled outside the College of Education.

Many departments share specific interests with those in the College of Education, e.g., Philosophy (philosophy of education), Sociology (sociology of education), Social Work (vocational rehabilitation), Human Ecology (pre-school education), the various language departments (teaching of English and foreign languages). Further, certain educational programs which are specializations within their own departments, notably music education, art education, drama education, human ecology education, and education of the deaf (Speech Communication Department), are treated in this statement.

II. General Collection Guidelines:
A. Languages: English is the primary language of collection; Spanish is secondary. Works written in other languages will ordinarily be purchased in English translation.

B. Chronological Guidelines: Emphasis is on education in the twentieth century, although previous ages are also represented to support research in the history and philosophy of education.

C. Treatment of Subject: History of educational development in all its aspects will be collected on a broad basis; biographies of educational leaders will be collected selectively. Works on the legal aspects of education are extremely useful for research on education administration, especially those studies dealing with school finance, busing, integration, or federal aid to education. Medical treatments are important in the physiological aspects of educational psychology and physical and health education, as well as in special education. Research methodology, including the use of computer techniques, is a strong collection interest.

Lower-division college textbooks on education will not ordinarily be purchased. Exceptions are made for textbooks of exceptional quality or for those which are written by authors such as Sidney Hook or Richard A. Schmuck, whose works are collected comprehensively. Upper-division textbooks will be purchased as sources of information and as examples of teacher training materials. Elementary and secondary textbooks, particularly state-adopted textbooks, are acquired for the Textbook and Curriculum Collection (q.v.), which is designed to support the College of Education's teacher training programs. The Education Collection additionally draws on resources which support pedagogical theory and method for the various academic disciplines.

Popular treatments are acquired selectively and related primarily to education in the social context: e.g., contemporary student movements, current educational experiments, accounts of teaching experiences in ghetto schools. Juvenile literature is not acquired.

E. Types of Materials: Indexes, abstracts, dictionaries, and encyclopedias will provide basic reference, as will directories of educators, education agencies, private and public schools, and colleges and universities. Publications of professional organizations, including their conference proceedings, are of great interest. Handbooks, guides, and manuals, such as counseling handbooks or manuals for diagnostic test interpretation, are acquired. Curriculum guides are collected for the Textbook and Curriculum Collection.

Government documents and publications of professional societies are especially important. Publications of the following agencies are purchased comprehensively: Texas Education Agency, U.S. Department of Education, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, UNESCO, International Bureau of Education, and the Organization for Economic Cooperation. The indexing and microfiche services of the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) are available in the Perry-Castaneda Library and ERIC is also available through UTLOL.

Theses and dissertations are collected selectively, usually in microform rather than hard copy.

F. Date of publication: Emphasis is on current materials. Retrospective purchasing will be very selective.

G. Other General Considerations: The Psychology Test Collection, housed in the Perry-Castaneda Library, reflects such research interests of the College of Education as the following: reading achievement, language ability and dominance, and oral development. This collection also contains representative tests included in introductory courses in the Education Psychology curriculum.

Two local libraries, while not connected with the University of Texas at Austin, contain rich resources on education: the Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidential Library and the Texas State Library. Other non-university Austin sources include the libraries of the Texas Education Agency, the Southwest Educational Development Laboratory, the Texas Medical Association, and the Texas Mental Health and Mental Retardation Department.

Two university facilities whose holdings supplement The University of Texas Libraries' Education Collection are the Tarlton Law Library: Jamail Center for Legal Research (school law and legislation) and the Learning Resources Center (Instructional Materials Collection).

Most of the foreign language material pertaining to education in Latin American, Asian, and Middle Eastern countries are collected exhaustively and housed in the special collections of The University of Texas Libraries which focus on those countries. (See statements for the Benson Latin American Collection, the Asian, and the Middle East Collection.) Neither these foreign language collections nor the Center for American History (q.v.), which includes historical material on Texas education, is reflected in the collecting levels listed below.

III. Observations and Qualifications by Subject and LC Class:

Subject LC Class Location CDP [NCIP] Collection Level Bibliographer
Education (General) L PCL (MAIN) C Education
History of Education LA PCL (MAIN) C Education
Theory and Practice of Education LB PCL (MAIN) C Education
Exception: Textbooks LB 3045-3048 PCL (MAIN) D Education
Exception: Educational Tests, Measurements, Evaluations, and Examinations LB 3050-3060.87 PCL (MAIN) D Education
Exception: School Architecture and Equipment LB 3201-3325 PCL (MAIN) B Education
Exception: Special Days LB 3525-3575 PCL (MAIN) A Education
Exception: School Life LB 3602-3640 PCL (MAIN) B Education
Forms of Education LC 8-59 PCL (MAIN) B Education
Social Aspects of Education LC 65-24 PCL (MAIN) C Education
Moral and Religious Education LC 251-951 PCL (MAIN) B Education
Types of Education LC 1001-1099 PCL (MAIN) C Education
Intercultural Education (General) LC 1099 PCL (MAIN) C Education
Education of Special Classes of Persons LC 1390-5158 PCL (MAIN) C Education
Exception: Boys LC1390 PCL (MAIN) C Education
Exception: Gypsies LC 3503-3520 PCL (MAIN) Education
Exception: Lapps LC 3530-3540 PCL (MAIN) A Education
Exception: Children of Immigrants (First Generation) LC 3745-4747 PCL (MAIN) B Education
Exception: Gifted Children LC 3991-4000 PCL (MAIN) C Education
Exception: Handicapped Children LC 4001-4803 PCL (MAIN) C Education
Education Extension LC 5201-6660.4 PCL (MAIN) C Education
Education and Travel LC 6681 PCL (MAIN) A Education
Traveling Educational Exhibits LC 6691 PCL (MAIN) A Education
Individual Institutions- United States LD 13-7501 PCL (MAIN) C Education
Exception: Secondary and Elementary Schools LD 7501 PCL (MAIN) A Education
Individual Institutions- America (except United States) LE 3-78 PCL (MAIN) C Education
Individual Institutions- Great Britain LF 20-1257 PCL (MAIN) B Education
Individual Institutions- Europe - PCL (MAIN) A Education
Individual Institutions- Asia LG PCL (MAIN) A Education
College and School Magazines and Papers LH PCL (MAIN) A Education
Exception: Texas - PCL (MAIN) B Education
Student Fraternities and Societies, United States LJ PCL (MAIN) A Education
Textbooks: Foreign and Historical LT PCL (MAIN) A Education

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