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Susan Macicak,
Collection Development Officer

Merry Burlingham,
Chief Bibliographer

Carolyn Cunningham,
Collection Administration Librarian

Mary Rader,
Global Studies Coordinator

Dale Correa,
Middle Eastern Studies Librarian

Bonnie Brown Real,
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UT System Licensing Coordinator

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Lisa Aguilar,
Library Specialist


Coverage includes the following subjects: Accounting, Finance, Management, Management Science & Information, See also Advertising and Marketing

To support present and anticipated University teaching and research through the doctoral level, as well as faculty research in the following areas: Accounting, Finance, Marketing Administration, and Management. While interest in these fields is centered in the McCombs School of Business, relevant Community and Regional Planning, Education, and Government.

II. General Collection Guidelines:
A. Language: English is the primary language of the collection. Works published in French, German, Spanish and Portuguese are very selectively considered for purchase in the original and/or in English translation. Works published in languages other than those listed will be purchased only in English translation.

B. Chronological Guidelines: Emphasis is on recent developments. However, certain areas, such as money, foreign exchange, and labor-management relations, require materials dealing with historic conditions and developments.

C. Geographical Guidelines: Emphasis is on the United States, Latin America, Western Europe, Japan and Canada; secondarily on the Middle East and China; and thirdly on developing nations. Collecting levels for business topics in Latin America are in the Benson Latin American Collection Statement.

D. Treatment of Subject: Biographies and popular treatments are selectively acquired.

E. Types of Material: Included are dictionaries, handbooks, encyclopedias, atlases, directories, business and tax services, transactions and reports of conferences and societies, selected U.S. government documents, international documents, selected theses and dissertations in microform from other universities, microforms of corporate information, and a limited number of legal services.

F. Date of Publications: Current publications are emphasized, but retrospective materials are purchased selectively.

G. Other General Considerations: Tarlton Law Library: Jamail Center for Legal Researchhas a collection on the legal aspects of taxation and accounting, and a comprehensive collection of business law.

The Bureau of Business Research has a collection of business materials in Texas

III. Observations and Qualifications by Subject and LC Class:

Subject LC Class Location CDP [NCIP] Collection Level Bibliographer
Organization of Production, Management, Industrial Management HD 28-HD 70 PCL (MAIN) C Business
Real Estate HD 1361-HD 1394v PCL (MAIN) C Business
Large Industry, Big Business HD 2350.8-
HD 2930.7
PCL (MAIN) C Business
Arbitration and Conciliation HD 5481-HD 5650 PCL (MAIN) C Business
Business: General HF 5001-
HF 5035
PCL (MAIN) C Business
Marketing HF 5410-
HF 5469
PCL (MAIN) C Business-Marketing Bibliographer (Ron Seeliger)
Management HF 5500 PCL (MAIN) C Business
Business Equipment HF 5520-
HF 5541
PCL (MAIN) C Business
Office Organization and Management HF 5547-
HF 5547.6
PCL (MAIN) C Business
Business Computation HF 5548-
HF 5548.6
PCL (MAIN) C Business
Personnel Management HF 5548.8-
HF 5549.5
PCL (MAIN) C Business
Accounting HF 5601-
HF 5689
PCL (MAIN) C Business
Business Communication HF 5717-
HF 5746
PCL (MAIN) C Business
Banking HG 1501-
HG 3550
PCL (MAIN) C Business
Credit HG 3691-
HG 3769
PCL (MAIN) C Business
Foreign Exchange, International Finance HG 3879-
HG 3898
PCL (MAIN) C Business
Finance Management, Corporation Finance HG 4001-
HG 4070
PCL (MAIN) C Business
Investment, Capital Formation HG 4501-
HG 4638
PCL (MAIN) C Business
Securities HG 4651
HG 5131
PCL (MAIN) C Business
Insurance HG 8011-
HG 8999
PCL (MAIN) C Business
Income Tax HJ 4651.A2-
HJ 4655
PCL (MAIN) C Business
Public Accounting HJ 9701-
HJ 9816
PCL (MAIN) C Business
Taxation KF 6271-
KF 6645
PCL (MAIN) C Business

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