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Merry Burlingham,
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Carolyn Cunningham,
Collection Administration Librarian

Mary Rader,
Global Studies Coordinator

Dale Correa,
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Architecture and Community and Regional Planning

I. Purpose:
To support teaching and research through the doctoral level in architecture and in community and regional planning, and through the undergraduate level in interior design. Related disciplines sharing an interest in this collection include Art History, American Studies, Architectural Engineering, Public Policy, and Urban Geography.

II. General Collection Guidelines:

A. Languages: Emphasis is placed on English and European languages, but other languages are collected as appropriate. When available, translations into English are preferred over the publication in the original language. For materials in which the illustrations are as valuable as, or more valuable than the text, the language of the text is a much smaller consideration than it is for un-illustrated materials.

B. Chronological Guidelines: No limitations.

C. Geographical Guidelines: Coverage is worldwide, but emphasis is on Europe and North, Central, and South America, with special concern for Texas and the Southwest.

D. Treatment of Subject: Biographical, historical, descriptive, professional, technical and legal treatments are collected extensively. Popular treatments are collected very selectively.

E. Types of Material: Included are atlases, encyclopedias, exhibition catalogs, dictionaries, geographical guidebooks, handbooks, directories, cost estimating guides, and building/life safety codes. Excluded are anthologies of generic house plans and manufacturerÕs catalogs. Theses and dissertations are collected very selectively.

F. Date of Publication: No limitations. Both contemporary and historic materials are collected.

G. Other General Considerations: Researchers in architecture, community and regional planning, and interior design may find supplemental resources in the areas of psychology, real estate, marketing and management, law, art history, and music. Many rare and historically significant architectural books and periodicals are available in the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center. The Center for American History contains additional material relating to Texas and the Southwest. The Benson Latin American Collection provides additional coverage of architecture and planning in Latin American countries. See also the Architectural Drawings Collection Statement, the Engineering Statement (architectural engineering and transportation engineering) and the Public Affairs Library Statement (planning). 12/95

III. Observations and Qualifications by Subject and LC Class:

Subject LC Class Location CDP[NCIP] Collecting Level Bibliographer
Architectural History and Criticism Includes surveys and historical/critical studies of architecture by style, period, and place (geographic designation as well as building type); biographical treatment of architects; anthologies of architectural writing.*Indicates secondary location NA 1-104,
NA 260-340
Architecture Library C [4] Architecture


Education/Practice Includes professional education, ethics,organizations, administration of a professional practice and marketing services for architecture,planning, and interior design professions. NA 1995-- 2319
NA 9013
NK 2116
Architecture Library C [3]

C [3]
B [2]

Architectural Design Includes architectural theory; architectural drawing; design by building type, decorative elements and details; building standards and anthropometrics; energy-conscious design; computer-aided design; urban design;and medical facility design. NA 2320-- 9200
RA 967-968
Architecture Library C [4]
C [3]
Historic Preservation Includes preservation history and theory; works about particular preservation and restoration projects and technology; preservation law. NA 105-110
KF 4310-- 4312
Architecture Library C [3]

C [3]

Community and Regional Planning Emphasis is on the physical and land-use aspects of planning. Includes housing; city and regional planning theory, policy, case studies, analysis, and zoning; urban renewal and redevelopment; demographic analysis; urban design. # attempting to collect theory & history at the C [4] level HD 7280-- 7289
HT 150.5-206
HT 330-395
NA 9000- 9425
Architecture Library C [3]#
C [3]#
C [3]#
C [3]#
Interior Design Includes space planning and design of interiors for commercial, institutional, and domestic buildings; biographical treatment of designers; psychology of color and space; furniture design and historic/stylistic surveys of furniture and decorative elements; lighting;finishes and materials. NK 1700-- 3505,
9600-- 9950
HF 5547.2
TS 880-889
TT 180-199.4
TT 300-380
Architecture Library C [3]

C [3]
B [2]
B [2]
B [2]
Landscape Architecture Includes history and design of landscapes, parks, and gardens; biographical treatment of landscape architects; site planning; conservation and restoration of historic gardens. **Future efforts will be directed to increasing this area to C [3] level SB 450.9-485 Architecture Library B [2]** Architecture
Building Technology Includes building construction, estimating, maintenance and repair, site preparation, masonry, carpentry, and decoration (including plastering, painting, tile work, and decorative woodwork). TH 1-347
TH 1000-- 6000
TH 8001-- 9000
Architecture Library C [3]
C [3]
C [3]

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