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I. Purpose:
To support teaching and research programs through the doctoral level. Archaeology is of interest to the departments of Classics, Anthropology, Art, Germanic Languages as well as the areas of Latin American, Middle Eastern and Asian Studies.

II. General Collection Guidelines
A. Languages: English is the primary language of collection with materials in French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian collected on a broad basis. Materials in other languages are acquired selectively. Collecting of archaeological works in Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Chinese, Japanese, and other Oriental languages is treated in the appropriate vernacular Collection Statements.

B. Chronological Guidelines: From the prehistoric to the present.

C. Geographical Guidelines: Primary emphasis is on North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. Collecting levels for archaeology related to Latin America and to Texas are in the statements for those special collections.

D. Treatment of Subject: Reports of excavations and works on theory and methods are acquired extensively. Quality and quantity of illustrations are factors to be considered in selection. Popular works and elementary textbooks will not be purchased.

E. Types of Material: Publications of archaeological commissions, societies, and museums are extensively acquired.

F. Date of Publication: Current and retrospective works are purchased.

G. Other General Considerations: The Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center has titles in the area of classical archaeology, and its Grattan Collection of Southwest Pacificana contains materials on Australia and Oceania. The Center for American History and the Benson Latin American Collection acquire extensively archaeological materials for their collections. Local theological seminaries have materials in Biblical and Middle Eastern archaeology.

III. Observations and Qualifications by Subject and LC Class:

Archaeology: Methodology and Research CC 1-165 PCL C [3] Archeology
Archaeology: Special Subjects CC 200-800 PCL B [2] Archeology
Prehistoric Archaeology GN 700-875 PCL C [3] Archeology
Historic Archaeology*: Europe (beginning of history to 476 A.D.: See Footnote 1) DA-DB, DH-DR PCL C [3] Archeology
Historic Archaeology: Europe (476 A.D. to present) - PCL B [2] Archeology
Historic Archaeology: Greco-Roman World (beginning of history to 476 A.D.) DE-DG Classics C [4] Archeology
Historic Archaeology: Greco-Roman World (476 A.D. to present) - PCL B [2] Archeology
Historic Archaeology: Great Britain DA PCL B [2] Archeology
Historic Archaeology: North America- Canada F 1001-1170 PCL B [2] Archeology
Historic Archaeology: United States E-F 951 PCL B [2] Archeology: See Footnote 2
Historic Archaeology: Africa DT PCL B [2] Archeology
Historic Archaeology: Asia DS 1-140; 327-935 PCL B [2] Archeology: See Footnote 3
Historic Archaeology: Middle East (beginning of history to the beginning of Islamic period) DS 41-326 PCL C [3] Archeology
Historic Archaeology: Middle East (Islamic period of the present) - PCL B [2] Archeology: See Footnote 5
Historic Archaeology: Oceania DU 1-950 PCL A [1] Archeology

Library of Congress classification places archaeological titles about individual countries, regions, towns, and sites with history in schedules D-F. Archaeological surveys of a country are usually included with "Antiquities" such as Jacquetta Hawkes, Guide to the Prehistoric and Roman Monuments in England and Wales (DA/90/H3/1976/MAIN) Excavations are classified as local history such as University of Texas Excavations at Metaponto, 1978 (DG/70/M52/U5/MAIN).

Footnote 1:
Fall of last emperor of the West.

Footnote 2:
Also See Center American History statement; Central and South America - See Benson Latin American Collection statement.

Footnote 3:
Also See Asian Collection Statement.

Footnote 4:
Also See Middle East Collection Statement.

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