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The University of Texas Libraries wordmark is the primary means by which we are recognized and should appear on as many forms of communication as possible. The wordmark has been specially drawn and spaced and must never be redrawn or changed. The wordmark should never be stacked or positioned in any way, other than that designated by the guidelines.

When reproduced in color the wordmark should always appear in the University of Texas Libraries signature colors of burnt orange (PMS 159 on coated paper stock, PMS 166 on uncoated paper stock) and black. No other colors are acceptable, with the exception of black for use on faxes, memos and in newspapers, and white for reverses on dark backgrounds.

The wordmark is available in four formats: horizontal, stacked, flush-left and centered. These formats also include both the integrated and stand alone wordmarks. The integrated wordmark includes “The University of Texas at Austin” as part of the logo. If you use the stand alone wordmark, the “University of Texas at Austin” wordmark must also appear somewhere on your document.

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