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The Libraries typographic identity is visible across many applications, including print, electronic and environmental displays. In order to communicate in a consistent tone, type selections have been made that best represent the voice of the Libraries. Additional type suggestions are included to help the Libraries community achieve coordinated and consistent material.

The following fonts are used primarily for print applications. If you do not have the primary font, there is an alternative font suggested.

For Print Publications

The Garamond Regular typestyle adds a strong representational quality to the words we use. This typestyle has a classic feel and implies a knowledgeable voice. The font was specifically created to be legible. The typeface is available worldwide in both PC and Apple Mac formats. Do not substitute any variation other than those listed below.

Garamond Regular
Alternate font: Times New Roman

The Univers 45 Light typestyle was specifically designed to express a contemporary feel and imply a knowledgeable modern voice. More than most typefaces, Univers has a number of fonts and weights associated with it which allows for a great deal of flexibility. As with all sans-serif faces, adequate spacing between lines is required to maintain legibility. The typeface is available worldwide in both PC and Apple Mac formats. Do not substitute any variation other than those listed below.

Univers 45 Light
Alternate font: Helvetica


For For Web / Digital Environments

Opens Sans is the primary font selected for navigation, sub navigation, headlines and subheadlines. This font is web friendly and replaces Benton Sans in a web/digital environment. Consistent use of this san serif typeface provides consistency and the desired hierarchy of information. 
Open Sans can be downloaded for free via Google Fonts.
Charis SIL is the the serif web font selected for body copy, secondary headlines, quotes and callouts. This font is web friendly and replaces ITC Charter in a web/digital environment. 
Charis SIL can be downloaded for free via daFonts.


Type basics

Do set type:

  • in upper and lower case
  • using bold and italic for emphasis
  • ranged left
  • with plenty of surrounding white space
  • keep punctuation to a minimum

Do not set type:

  • in all capitals
  • that has been condensed or expanded
  • with additional inter-character spacing
  • in other typefaces



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