Library Style: Photography

The University of Texas Libraries uses photography as the primary tool to convey a sense of community, openness and willingness to meet the needs of our various constituents.

This is done by photographing students and staff in library settings, looking confidently and comfortably at the viewer, using library services and studying. The first set of photos focuses on individuals and their experience/presence at the Libraries. The second set of photos will be focusing on groups of students interacting and the third set of photos will be focusing on the size, scope and energy of the library environments.

Photography should be built around the human element, including students and employees of the library when possible. This is beneficial to both clients and staff. It conveys a comprehensive commitment to improving the services and image of the University of Texas Libraries.

The Libraries maintains a collection of stock photography from across the branches. Please contact the Communications Officer for access to the collection.

Download the Photo, Audio and Video Consent Form.