University of Texas Libraries Graphic Guidelines


First Impressions

When the public views an item that carries the identity of the University of Texas Libraries they form an instant opinion of our values, standards and goals. More than just colors and logos, our identity is an important communication tool to be used with thought and care.

The way we interact with our users is paramount to our effectiveness. Through our defined identity we can create a consistent, meaningful experience for our users.

The Goals of the University of Texas Libraries

The University of Texas Libraries is dedicated to the advancement of teaching, learning and research. We are one of the most prominent academic research libraries in North America with a comprehensive, dynamic virtual presence.  We are a national learning repository and an active agent for promoting change.

How to Use These Guidelines

These guidelines have been developed to introduce and represent the University of Texas Libraries in an aesthetically pleasing, economical and accessible manner. Flexibility has also been a major consideration, so that the diverse groups of Libraries departments and units can maintain their individuality within the framework of the University of Texas Libraries organization.

This guide contains the latest best practice examples. These examples are intended to offer new perspectives on the way our visual identity can be applied on a daily basis to a variety of communication tools.