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AUSTIN, Texas (September 23, 2008) —Visitors to the University of Texas Libraries catalog can now use a new feature to "check out" books before they check them out through incorporation of the Google Book Search feature, which will allow users to browse and read content from Google Books ( directly from a book's record screen in the library catalog.

The new feature automatically checks for content in Google Books whenever a book's full record is viewed, and if it finds there is limited preview or full text content available, a Google Book Search window appears in the catalog page displaying the cover of the book. This window allows a user to browse available pages of the book, zoom in on text and search within the book's text. A link from the window transports users to the Google Books site where they can search and browse more extensively, purchase a copy of the book or locate copies in other libraries.

The Libraries are committed to expanding the functionality of the traditional library catalog by adding new features that extend the catalog's scope beyond mere brief descriptions of items in the Libraries' collections. Other recent additions to the library catalog records include links to Longhorn Reviews—where users may post reviews of books—and the incorporation of LibraryThing, a Web 2.0 application that connects users with similar interests.

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Article published on September 22, 2008 - 11:00pm

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