Duplication of Library Materials

Library materials may be duplicated or acquired in multiple copies to meet the demands of teaching and research needs of the University of Texas community. Patron requests for duplication in a specific format will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the appropriate subject specialist. Managing duplication is critical in terms of limited physical space and responsible stewardship of the Libraries’ funds.


In general, the University of Texas Libraries acquires one copy of a monograph. When duplication is justified, an electronic edition is preferred. Electronic copies are also preferred for Reserves and Reference use, though decisions will be based on disciplinary research patterns, availability of print/e-book editions, and flexibility of use.

For collections of unique and/or difficult to obtain material, print duplication may be preferred; for example, Latin American imprints issued in limited edition and state-adopted textbooks in the Historic Textbook Collection. These decisions are the responsibility of the primary subject specialist.


Electronic journals are the preferred format when available, though disciplinary research methods may be considered in format choices. Print/electronic duplication of journal titles will be reviewed annually by the appropriate subject specialist.